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Of Course... Axis Never Wins :p


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[center][u]Axis Official Announcement[/u][/center]

Axis started out with a few bumps along the road (more like big damn hills), but it got going. And then it was hit full force by school being back in session. We didn't have the time to dedicate to CN anymore that we needed. And now we are saddened to see Axis written on a tombstone in the CN gaveyard, but at the same time we are happy to announce that we will be merging into The Last Republic, who we plan to [s]coup[/s] [s]take over[/s] help reach new heights in its lifetime. They have been our friends since before we began, and we love them all the more for the confidence they've shown in us.

R.I.P. Axis </3
<3 The Last Republic <3

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[quote name='Ventus' timestamp='1316745055' post='2806429']
Wait there are two NPO's? All good alliances share acronyms man. At least I hope tLR is a good alliance...


The TLR (The Last Remnants) and NPO (New Pacific Order) are the betters of the two acronyms. :)

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