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An announcement from Symphony


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[quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1316695178' post='2805861']
Lines being drawn.

See you soon Symphony :ph34r:

I mean uhh ... heh

Sad to see this go, but I'm pretty sure I can figure out why. Good luck to PhR.

Lol, no lines Ray, none at all. Simply no longer sustainable in our eyes. :P

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[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2][quote name='VladimirLenin' timestamp='1316929412' post='2808019']
I'm starting to get sick of this. If the reasons are private, why make a bloody announcement about it?

Because it is relevant to our friends and allies? Also, considering how sick of it you are, you still managed to spend the requisite 'x' seconds to post a response, wouldn't that time have been better spent in other ways?

And yes, the irony is deliberate. [/size][/font]

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