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  1. Congrats to you both on your new positions. o/ NoR
  2. I support this Dcrews announcement, because he asked me to. Congrats FEAR, I think?
  3. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1338354811' post='2974397'] I agree wholeheartedly. All this fun stuff aside Symphony is alright, aside from that Ironfist character. I know this is sort of a big deal to you but as somewhat alluded to I would expect more private and public discussion due to events that I'm sure you are more than aware of in the recent past. My comment about Proest is a personal jab. I'm sure he laughed about it when he saw it too and my comments these days are more jokes laden with half sarcasm, half seriousness. That way I have fun either way it is responded to. [/quote]
  4. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1338354348' post='2974390'] Could have fooled me. [/quote] Surprisingly enough, people often share similar opinions independent of one another. I know it's a shocking realisation, but it's true, honest.
  5. People, I think it is important to remember we are here today to celebrate the glorious joining of these two great alliances. This thread is no place for bickering. And Roq, I was just heading you off, because from what I've seen lately, every thread you post in becomes centred around your vendetta against Umbrella. Now that's said, lets get this party started y'all.
  6. Roq, with all due respect, could you kindly keep your personal vendetta the hell out of this thread?
  7. [quote name='mrcalkin' timestamp='1338340349' post='2974265'] Great to see us treatied! You guys definitely got a lot of accolades from everyone who had run into you before. [/quote] Yeah, we are pretty awesome... But I mean you guys are great too, don't let me take that away from you.
  8. [quote name='Auctor' timestamp='1330128061' post='2927752'] Awesome that this finally got announced. [/quote] Lol, yup, we've had this in the works, for what, nearly two months now?
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