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The Announcement you've Been Waiting For...

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[b]An Announcement From a Disgraced Member[/b],

Denizens of planet bob. I have to tell you, and it pains me to say it, but It must be done: you were right. Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have come to find out that when you are not at the sole helm of something you care deeply for, or truly have a vision for, it often becomes corrupted. In the case of the new German Empire, nothing could be farther from the truth. In recent days I have become increasingly tied up with work and an unknown yet well known project that is going on. I found my time few and far between, and so I turned to someone who at the time wasn't terribly active himself and had only recently come back from a bout of inactivity himself. I had to resign and install him as Kaiser so that the dream I birthed would be able to continue it's upward trend of slow, but steady growth with the aim of cooperation and friendship with all alliances in mind.

Unfortunately what I got, was in a 5 day period individuals who had caused the downfall of the first TGE (such as President Chris) were personally invited back into the alliance, knowing that I could do nothing to stop it. The rats flooded in, so to speak, and now the old gang is together with the same pseudo-democratic agendas that lead to the downfall and immature practices of the original TGE. I am truly sorry everyone, for wasting the time and effort of this community. To those who believed in us, I am sorry as well. it seems that only when you're at the head of a community and project is the only time it really remains within your vision and dream. If you let that slip, even for logical and reasonable reasons, you will meet with disaster in some instances. Regrettably, this is one of them.

I advise anyone who values their alliance's integrity and image to cancel any relations with The German Empire, and those who have existing ban lists for former TGE members closely scrutinize their membership and ensure that the asshats that were responsible for the original TGE's destruction do not sully the name further.


Game over, TGE is still a joke and Heinrich, AKA Wilhelm von Berlin is a chump.

PS: President Chris Must Die

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Coups faster than the eye can see? TGE is back!

Also, I wouldn't say the old TGE was "destroyed" so much as "it imploded on itself due to a large amount of inactivity and fail."

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Oh dear, business as usual.

I really had hoped that this new TGE would have changed, I really hope this announcement is not true, because if it is, even remotely. Then this incarnation is not better than the last. That really would be sad.

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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1312240926' post='2769463']
I bet that those who had criticized us for hitting these guys are feeling rather silly right now.

I am rather amused.
[/quote]Yet those here are not [b]these guys[/b], rather, they are [b]your guys[/b]. You are the protector of the protectorate, and Nemhauser has explicitly said that the words of the ex-leader is not representative or true, so are you telling us something different?

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