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  1. How sad is it that I was in three of those alliances. Four if you count a very short stint thinking about joining you guys...
  2. While this is as accurate a post as I've ever seen in these hallowed halls. I do have one majorly significant issue. The blue lettering. It is as heinous as it was when I was a frequent visitor... But I digress... While I have to admit that I did not read this entire thread, I did see that the vaunted Pacifica propaganda machine is still alive and well, !@#$%* like always.
  3. I'm honored to have been a part of NSO the last few years. I'm also saddened that this is our adieu from the politics of this dying game. We've had plenty of lulz as well as some pretty sad moments over that time. Many don't agree with some of the moves we've made but when we made them we did it in what we thought was the best interest of our alliance at that time. But to this particular end all I have is o/ NSO o/ Ivan Moldavi o/ Rayvon Long live the Sith
  4. Why have the admins allowed such a menacing ruler into our midst?
  5. Congrats on the merger there FTW. I'm glad to see you guys still kicking (and growing).
  6. Hell, I'm sill trying to figure out why I decided to grace you all with my presence...... But I agree Neo must be a bot.
  7. Maybe we did and they didn't listen? Who knows?
  8. When the treaty web gets so tangled that there's no longer "sides" alliances get put in positions where they have to make some pretty tough decisions. We had allies on both sides of that fight and had to try to find a way to get through that. Was it the right decision? Hindsight is a great way to figure that one out...... But NSO wishes Kush all the best (even that Sir William guy too I guess......). o/ Kashmir
  9. That wasn't them (this time). It was me.......
  10. All hail the awesomeness that is Rebel Virgnia.......
  11. I signed off on Ray taking over. I don't have the time. Plus I'd be lying if I said I thought I could do a better job than Ray can. But thanks for the thought...
  12. Good luck to our allies in TLR. And you guys in ODN too I guess........
  13. Now this is the kind of action I can get behind.
  14. You know that deep down inside you really like this....... o/STEVE!!!!!
  15. I've seen the outtakes.... I'm still scarred.
  16. So since another one of our allies is allied to NG do I still have to hail this? o/TCB
  17. Two of my favorites allies. Well, except for Hoooooooooooooo. He's kind of a jerk.... o/ Fark o/TCB
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