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GOD Treaty Announcement


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[quote]A Tale of Two Gods
A Treaty of Optional Defense and Aggression

===Article I - Peace===
The   SOS Brigade (SOS団) and the Global Order of Darkness (GOD) agree to   remain respectful and polite to each other in all channels of   communication, public or private. They also resolve to seek diplomatic   means to any possible conflicts they may have. Both alliances should   look out for each others' well-being. As a consequence of their mutual   friendship, both parties agree not to attack each other for any reason.   In the event of a treaty conflict that would draw the two into war with   each other, this article will take precedence.

===Article II - Intelligence===
Should   either party receive information that pertains to the safety or   well-being of the other signatory, they will seek to make it known to   that signatory. Also, if either signatory has any reason to believe a   security breach exists in the other alliance they are to present this   concern and any evidence to their other signatory. Additionally, both   parties agree not to commit espionage against each other.

===Article III - Aid===
Should a signatory request financial aid of any sort from the other alliance, they are encouraged to provide said aid as able.

===Article IV - War===
Should   a signatory request military assistance of any kind, the other   signatory may offer military support to the other signatory, however   this is not mandatory.

===Article V - Cancellation===
In   the unlikely event either signatory wishes to cancel this agreement,   they are to give 48 hours' notice to the other party with reasons   through private channels. This treaty will remain in effect throughout   that time period.


Signed for the Global Order of Darkness,
Xiphosis, Dark Lord
Big Z, Lord of Diplomacy

Signed for the SOS Brigade,
Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director, Viceroy of the Computer Research Society, Cosplay Champion, Wielder of Unlimited Cynic Works, Originator of Paranoia, Dispenser of Ire, Lord of Delusion, Bunny Girl Extraordinaire, Master of Endless Recursions, Owner of the Frog Suit, Exterminator of Treason, Tyrant of Tanabata, Speaker of the Word of Haruhi, Enforcer of Her Will and All-Round Prophet of the One True Goddess

Locke, Esper and Mysterious Transfer Student of the SOS Brigade, All Around Nice Guy, Chief of Sexy, Speaker for the Purple Sphere, Resident Azu-nyan, Empress of All Things Feline, Wielder of the Nekomimi, Catgirl Wonder, Enemy of Fun

Myrrh-nee~, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot, Resident Fujoshi, Queen of Sexiness, Angel of Insanity, and Mistress of the Ero

Takagi, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko of the SOS Brigade, Last Member of the Literature Club, Master of Getting Impaled without Dying, Zombie Tax Cheat, and Flying, Boobtastic Tentacle Monster-Killing Magical Girl

Utracia, Ordinary Human and Errand Boy, Fox Deity, Breeder of Yandere, Destroyer of Worlds, Corrupter of the Innocent[/quote]

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SOS, I use to have some respect for you. I guess I was wrong. Why you would tie yourself to such a terrible alliance is beyond me. Hopefully you'll see the light soon and cut this foolish tie before it becomes something serious.

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