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  1. NO Pax Galaxia is a different game, I played with someone with your name there. Was just curious.

  2. Are you the same Cthulu from PAX?

  3. o/ GOD o/ SOS-dan I call this success...here's to a long and wonderful friendship!
  4. Not necessarily, the cit count is simply a number of taxpaying people, not the number of actual citizens in your nation. Therefore, you can have a negative cit count.
  5. Alright, so an average of 2783.76 infra x 103 nations is 286727.28 infra damage, which results in 860181.84 NS. An average of 358.91 tech x 103 nations is 36967.73 tech damage, which results in 184838.65 NS. The total NS damage from your averages...1045020.49 NS. Your math does not match. Edit: Total losses are 869000 NS.
  6. +1 votes for Balder. May he rule with an iron fist...
  7. All hail the Maestros of Shenanigans. o/o/o/o/o/o/
  8. I bring big umbrella. Or I'll just dump the ocean, haven't decided yet...
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