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  1. Thanks for this. Until reading this I didn't actually know whose side the alliances in the FEAR-USN-Menotah-NEW front were on. Now I properly know who I need to disparage and who I need to root for.
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, we've all seen the logs showing how effective King Kaiser is at playing multiple roles.
  3. To be fair, you just mean this current "boo Xiph" campaign. People have had plenty of reasons to want to roll him for as long as the 4 years I've been playing. I don't know, R&R and FOK goo back a really long way.
  4. The main problem now is that there's no advantage to buying infra once you have your wonders. It needs to tie in somehow. I've got some ideas and I'll lay them out, but I haven't put too much thought into them. Just throwing science at the wall, here, to see what sticks. Give more aid slots as you increase infra. Simple, easy, links infra with aid and with tech growth. Increase aid amount by way of infra. The FAC could then be changed to give smaller nations more "effective infra" when receiving aid from larger nations. Have infra effect how much money you can have on hand. Perhaps impose a
  5. Mmmm, a fancily dressed up 'No U'. Purty. You really are quite obtuse. Man, I remember when you used to be a good poster When did name-calling replace rational argument for you, Zog? PS - Apologies to Rok, I just now was corrected by an alliance-mate on how this leak happened.
  6. All the quote in your signature does is inform the rest of the world that you have no idea what the word "literally" means. Dunno. Ask the delegates at the time. The thread was visible to them. And judging from the fact that their new bloc-mates have gotten a hold of it, I'd say it's pretty obvious they were aware of it, too.
  7. So, with the exception of Sparta, it looks like Xiph was entirely right about the people who were previously tied in with us SF/CnG/PB who would fight on the other side in the next war. I don't really see the point other than applauding Xiph for his perception.
  8. NoFish

    Not A CN Post

    I have to say, I'm pretty sure it turned out better for both us and Cuba that we didn't invade Cuba.
  9. It's been a while since I've had a chance to hate on both sides of a conflict. I kind of missed it. I think the last one was that STA-Valhalla thing that went on in the ratings thread. Anyway... Valhalla - Big mighty vikings you are, bawwwing about the way he attacked your poor defenseless nations. Do yourselves a favor and shut up about it unless you want people to think that you really can't handle a single nuclear nation. No, posting a bunch about how irrelevant he is doesn't strengthen your position, it makes it look weaker. Also, it's interesting to note that you seem to consider sancti
  10. [quote name='hizzy' timestamp='1311488798' post='2762609'] You could really show her who's boss and start dating a guy. [/quote] I tried that, she just thought it was hot. To be fair, it was totally hot.
  11. [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1311451455' post='2762248'] GOD knows when to keep a low profile, unlike [s]Grub[/s] [s]D34th[/s] Polar. [/quote] Really, I think we're just too confused to be angry right now. A treaty, not yet three months old, gets canceled with no explanation and a pretty large middle finger in the announcement (I mean, The Expelliarmus Accords? Really?). It reminds me of one time in high school, really. I met a nice girl near the end of the school year, we dated for a few months into the summer, then I went away for two weeks. After the first week I'm gone she calls
  12. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1311283540' post='2760699'] [color="#0000FF"]If Xiphypie really wants to make Legacy steam he ought to sign with Legion.[/color] [/quote] I was hoping we'd sign with the Mafia, personally.
  13. Now, now, Zog. No need to be jealous just because NoR reformed on an inferior color...
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