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Declaration of War

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[center][size="4"][b]Declaration of War[/b][/size][/center]

Pursuant to the Animal House Accords, we hereby declare war on Avalon and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

[I]Signed for the Viridian Entente[/I],
Impero, Lord of the Entente
Solaris, Duke of the Entente
Goldie, Secretary of Defense
Cards, Secretary of the Interior
Cornelius, Secretary of State
Bob Janova, Secretary of Economics

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[quote name='neneko' timestamp='1301026265' post='2675649']
Looks like doomhut needs to call in all the help they can! Still claiming that you're winning this? :smug:
[/quote]I've abandoned doomhut in favor of doomhome. Do try to keep up.

Glad to see my mannerisms picking up ground though.

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[quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1301026235' post='2675645']

Hoping we can end this front quickly as Avalon are a great group.
They fight against un provoked aggression, you fight in support of unprovoked aggression. Perhaps if you respected them as such you wouldn't attack them.

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[quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1301026353' post='2675658']
Come on, where's the love? I've been dying to get my hand around some VE2.0 throats.

PS: How is your 1/2 prewar NS treating you
Coming from a member of a single man alliance....You go hard in the paint, don't you? You must feel special.

Have fun VE.

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