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Announcement from Poison Clan and Ragnarok

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the close to the Poison Clan - Ragnarok front of the war. Ragnarok has agreed to the following terms:

[b]While Ragnarok still has the ability and willingness to fight, with Polar out of the war they have no reason to do so, Ragnarok admits defeat.[/b]

Poison Clan would like to thank Ragnarok for nearly 2 months of fun, and wish them the best of luck moving forward.

[i]Signed for Poison Clan:[/i]
zoomzoomzoom, Leader- Man o' War
King Xander the Only, Deputy Leader - The Black Hornet
Tritonicon, Internal Affairs
Stewie - Foreign Affairs
Sakura, Military - Vespa Mandarinia
Inmate, Finance

[i]Signed for Ragnarok:[/i]
KaitlinK, Empress
Mykep, Regent
Rampage, Vice Regent
Yukon Don, High Chancellor
Bob Ilyani, Vice Chancellor

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Highly doubt you guys could still fight... I mean unless its the under 30k NS range. the top nations were bored so yeah technically you could fight, but you were boring for anything above 50k NS. Glad you lost admitting defeat is still surrendering. Hope you guys figure out whats best for oyur govt because your LoW was ZI'd.. Well good fight.. I guess

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