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    Just south of Detroit
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    Whiskey, Harley, circuit bending, music composition/arrangement/recording, woodworking, metalworking, tattoo design. Listen to everything but for country and rap. Work too much, play too little.
    Motto-"Woke up again,"

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    The Bear Cavalry
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  1. Valtamdraugr

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I believe you told me that when I joined in 2008
  2. Valtamdraugr

    The results are... on to step 2.

    1) MK 2) LUE 3) GOONS 4) FOK 5) \m/ 6) RoK 7) PC 8) NAAC 9) Athens 10) Norden Verein
  3. Valtamdraugr

    Imperial announcement about random stuff

    It's hard to "know for a fact" anything.. even if one 'get's it in writing'.   In my mind, if I go in to defend an ally... I'm there until the ally gets peace, unless said ally tells me to bugger off.
  4. Valtamdraugr

    Top 5 Defunct Alliances of all time

    RoK \m/ GOONS
  5. Valtamdraugr

    An Announcement from the Guru Order

    Somtnag is a durkunk. sebturer ofn wihtuot im.   o/ licker!  
  6. Valtamdraugr

    FARK in violation of treaty?

    NATO are a good bunch, I know they caught a lot of shit for the RoK debacle, so I am  biased.. but so what...   I have many friends in FARK as well...I can only say, "Well duh. NAP vs. anything else?"..   Aqua love never left the launch-pad and NATO has always been tightest with NPO...it is what it is. Move on.
  7. Valtamdraugr

    An Announcement from the Guru Order

    o/ GO o/ NATO Have fun all involved... I got wubs fer ye both.
  8. I like NATO.. so phooey!! A pox an you!
  9. Valtamdraugr

    Dos Equis Declaration of War

    Hate this. Good luck everyone?
  10. Valtamdraugr

    TPF/STA Peace

    I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed making some prop for this one.   Congrats everyone.
  11. Valtamdraugr

    RIA Delenda Est

    He's just brushing the edges of this reality... the spell failed, but not completely. Something about the ring of small pets being arranged improperly. I dunno, what I heard.
  12. Valtamdraugr

    RIA Delenda Est

    That does not satisfy me, sir.   I will be putting in with the rebels.   Prepare thyself.. I shall see you at the Raven's Feast, get of Fenris, thou.
  13. Valtamdraugr

    RIA Delenda Est

    One vote.. I only needed one fraggin vote.. ye bastiches.   The cupkaeker had it... I only need one vote.   Down with RIA!!
  14. Valtamdraugr

    RIA Delenda Est

    Obviously rigged.   Overqualified, anyway.   I hate you all.