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    Whiskey, Harley, circuit bending, music composition/arrangement/recording, woodworking, metalworking, tattoo design. Listen to everything but for country and rap. Work too much, play too little.
    Motto-"Woke up again,"

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  1. I believe you told me that when I joined in 2008
  2. 4/10 Probably wouldn't read again. Oh.. and.. It's still Bob/Joe's fault.
  3. Young was I once, I walked alone, and bewildered seemed in the way; then I found me another and rich I thought me, for man is the joy of man. -Havamal
  4. We're regrouping.. Now's your chance to get involved. The fog is lifting and we're putting oars to waves.
  5. We've got our poop in a group... no, really.
  6. [quote name='jekalle' timestamp='1327334979' post='2905517'] Why isn't this on the top of the list? [/quote] We were all too busy playing Yahtzee over steaming mugs of cocoa. ikanspel
  7. Happy birthday Bob. I had no idea that you were some kind of important person. I'll try to be a bit more respectful...
  8. Shoutout to my PC enemy, pooksland of pooksland. Although I was late to the dance, I have enjoyed myself. Pooksland has turned out to be a wonderful dancer... although... Buy some friggin troops!! You have way more toys than me.. cut me some slack, mang! Sure I could raise my casualty count by restocking just so you could nuke them all to vapor, but where's the fun in that? edit: ow ow ow!
  9. "Revenge of the SithHead" was not an option.
  10. We're losing? Really? !@#$... noone told me. And here I was, thinking I was winning new friends and upping my casualties per day stat. pfft. In response to the OP... (navy) good god... what is it good for.. absolutely nothing... (yes, I am a kneebiter, yes I'm ok with that) -Valt
  11. Alf, you are one of the most respected creatures in this game and one of the few people I can actually call friend. Few things get my fur up than someone effing with my friends. I understand the need to protect yourself, but I am severely pissed off about it. $%&@ers need to burn. Seriously. -Valt
  12. A mighty hails to King Aragorn, ruler of Boosa Junction of the alliance of Poison Clan. An excellent dance partner. I would have asked for another dance, but Volkermord snatched it while I was getting drinks.
  13. Congrats on the new group of [strike]suckers[/strike], I mean governators. You're right.. this isn't the Val announcement I was looking for. /foottap
  14. Prom 2011 edit: forgot what year it was
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