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    Out in the sticks, S/W of Detroit
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    Main hobby is collecting hobbies. Listen to everything excepting country and rap. Work too much, play too little.
    Motto-"Woke up again,"

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    Crashing on Fark's couch
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  1. And you're mine, now that Wally isn't around. Hails NATO and their new friends.
  2. Time passes... You do not see this. We are not here. You are not here. Fark, where am I? FARKFARKFARKFARK!!!! :fade to black:
  3. Yeah.. they let that poaching Hooligan in so there's something not quite right with 'em.
  4. He's seeing faces from the past.. I worry about him.
  5. "Young was I once, I walked alone, and bewildered seemed in the way; then I found me another and rich I thought me, for man is the joy of man." -Hávamál Gettin mighty cozy up in here. o/
  6. Just be sure your shots are up to date.
  7. *drops the crochet "Get off my lawn!!"
  8. Well.. yeah.. you're a troublemaker. You hooligan.
  9. I might, rabbit... I might. I hear it's full of retirees. For now I will enjoy my skip through nostalgic fields.
  10. Zombies.. zombies everywhere. Sounds like you went to dirt around the same time I did. I still don't know wtf is going on but I can salute beer. o7 piwo
  11. so.. I accidentally poked my head in CN again. My, the landscape has changed.
  12. I believe you told me that when I joined in 2008
  13. 1) MK 2) LUE 3) GOONS 4) FOK 5) \m/ 6) RoK 7) PC 8) NAAC 9) Athens 10) Norden Verein
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