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    Just south of Detroit
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    Whiskey, Harley, circuit bending, music composition/arrangement/recording, woodworking, metalworking, tattoo design. Listen to everything but for country and rap. Work too much, play too little.
    Motto-"Woke up again,"

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    The Bear Cavalry
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  1. Valtamdraugr

    Witty Wars

    Awesome discussion, BTW. Some I liked... "Momma didn't hug me" "Not in the face" "Flower power"
  2. For those that, like myself, have only ever been in one alliance... I'd say much..if not all, is owed. All my pixels are belong to RoK. I do my part in defense of my brethren and Rok's allies and that should even the debt a little. A mention should be made of my trade partners, but that situation is of mutual benefit and not in the realm of owing or not owing. It would be unreasonable to expect to maintain a running tally of exactly what is owed... but their being able to count on me to defend their interests matters to me.
  3. Valtamdraugr

    I'm done

    If you leave the arena, some other shmoe will attempt to take your place... you should not let this happen... for the good of all.
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