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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Cyber-Digi-Verse-Bob-Thing,

Chaplain Margrave here with a new message, one to encourage you in these dark days of war and disorder. With the help of the Caliph Comedy Club and \m/ United Video Services LTD, Allow me to present to you our first full length production of "CitizenKane: The Man, The Myth, The Joke!" Just check out this wonderful example of our work!

[quote] 21:33 Citizenkane I hear you've been dissing me
21:33 Citizenkane not got the balls to say !@#$ to my face?
21:33 Merrie_Melodies what internet balls? You gonna reach through the screen and beat me up?
21:34 Citizenkane Guilty as charged for that reaction only means 1 thing
21:34 Merrie_Melodies yes I was on a rant earlier
21:34 Citizenkane I hope you burn
21:34 Citizenkane and \m/
21:34 Citizenkane you're all a bunch of retards
21:35 Merrie_Melodies Youve always thought we were retards
21:35 Merrie_Melodies nothing new there
21:35 Citizenkane No actually, I tried to make the PC-\m/ treaty work.
21:36 Citizenkane Until it dropped I never said a bad word in public.
21:37 Merrie_Melodies well, the good thing is, when we burn you wont be burdened
21:37 Citizenkane that is where you are mistaken, good sir
21:37 Citizenkane I voted to keep the mdoap
21:37 Citizenkane just fyi
21:37 Merrie_Melodies well I would be mistaken if that is indeed the case
21:38 Merrie_Melodies when you come to us angry over @#$%faced c%#(master bs it makes that hard to swallow
21:38 Citizenkane It's not if its the case
21:38 Citizenkane I'm telling you its the case
21:38 Citizenkane you blame me for our poor relationship
21:38 Citizenkane yet that is a fallacy
21:38 Merrie_Melodies really, how so?
21:39 Citizenkane I'm not in the mood to talk to you
21:39 Citizenkane You're clearly gonna twist and copy paste what i say
21:39 Citizenkane and i'm not up for that
21:39 Merrie_Melodies I wont twist !@#$
21:40 Citizenkane $%&@ off
21:40 Citizenkane seriously
21:40 Citizenkane I dont want to talk to you
21:40 Citizenkane you're a retard
21:40 Merrie_Melodies you queried me good sir

But that's just the sampler, folks. We were lucky and booked Citizen Kane for a Second BLOCK BUSTING PERFORMANCE! TAKE IT AWAY, CK!

[quote]Session Start: Fri Jan 21 22:57:03 2011
Session Ident: Citizenkane
01[22:58] <Caliph> [22:57] <&Citizenkane> If marx had one ounce of respect for PC
01[22:58] <Caliph> [22:57] <&Citizenkane> he wouldnt have declared on an MD partner
01[22:58] <Caliph> [22:57] <&Citizenkane> simple as
01[22:58] <Caliph> [22:57] <&Citizenkane> get out
01[22:58] <Caliph> really?
[22:58] <Citizenkane> of pc
[22:58] <Citizenkane> i missed a bit :P
01[22:58] <Caliph> yeah i got that by the fact you banned me
01[22:58] <Caliph> but your taking this awefully personally
[22:59] <Citizenkane> no, I'm not
[22:59] <Citizenkane> I'm taking this as a gov member of an alliance that \m/ has done nothing but !@#$ on
01[22:59] <Caliph> that is not true
[22:59] <Citizenkane> ....
[22:59] <Citizenkane> Yes it is.
01[23:00] <Caliph> when we had the treaty, we were good allies, except for a few $%&@ups
01[23:00] <Caliph> that were totally our fault
01[23:00] <Caliph> since we've had no treaty
[23:00] <Citizenkane> You've done nothing but !@#$ on us.
01[23:00] <Caliph> PC has had its share of troling us
01[23:00] <Caliph> and !@#$ting on us
[23:00] <Citizenkane> PC has never declared on an MD partner of \m/
[23:01] <Citizenkane> And now you expect PC to stand by whilst you attack one of ours?
[23:01] <Citizenkane> Yeah, you're gonna get $%&@ed up
[23:01] <Citizenkane> You're on the 'list'.
01[23:01] <Caliph> tbh, has a MD partner of \m/ ever given cause for PC to hit them
01[23:01] <Caliph> ?
01[23:01] <Caliph> SLCB spied on us and has !@#$ted on us
01[23:02] <Caliph> they took in members we expelled for being traitors
01[23:02] <Caliph> PC took in members we considered traitors
01[23:02] <Caliph> we expelled Josshill FOR YOU
01[23:02] <Caliph> when you brought it up to us that you considered him a traitor
01[23:02] <Caliph> and now when SLCB hits our MD ally you expect us to sit it out?
[23:03] <Citizenkane> RoK declared on PC. and screwed up half of the treaty web.
[23:03] <Citizenkane> SLCB defended PC. SLCB is clearly on our side of the treaty web.
[23:03] <Citizenkane> YOU then defend RoK. You take Polar's side.
[23:04] <Citizenkane> The same side that tried to destroy you 1 year ago.
01[23:04] <Caliph> better than VE's side
01[23:04] <Caliph> VE actively $%&@ed with us in August
01[23:04] <Caliph> Polar ceased $%&@ign with us when we got peace
01[23:04] <Caliph> and have actually tried to repair relations
[23:04] <Citizenkane> I dont care dude
01[23:04] <Caliph> i know you don't
01[23:04] <Caliph> you onlysee things your way
[23:05] <Citizenkane> You guys have made too many attempts to $%&@ with me personally as well by character assassinating me
01[23:05] <Caliph> i haven't Citizenkane
01[23:05] <Caliph> but i cannot speak for others
[23:06] <Citizenkane> We're sick and tired of this
[23:06] <Citizenkane> And you will be attacked
[23:06] <Citizenkane> and we will own you
[23:06] <Citizenkane> and you'll pay us reps for this
01[23:06] <Caliph> no we won't
01[23:06] <Caliph> we aren't paying reps
[23:06] <Citizenkane> Then we will disband you.
01[23:07] <Caliph> white peac
01[23:07] <Caliph> or perma war
[23:07] <Citizenkane> no white peace for \m/
[23:07] <Citizenkane> Perma war can be arranged.
[23:07] <Citizenkane> White peace is given to respectful alliances
[23:07] <Citizenkane> You've hardly been respectful to us
01[23:08] <Caliph> the same can be said of you to us
01[23:08] <Caliph> if we cherry pick posts from PC members to us
[23:08] <Citizenkane> right, right
[23:08] <Citizenkane> PC didnt declare war on \m/'s treaty partner
01[23:08] <Caliph> this beef is not uni directional
[23:08] <Citizenkane> Then perma war it is.
01[23:09] <Caliph> remember
01[23:09] <Caliph> it is you who signed with VE
01[23:09] <Caliph> after i let Derwood know of our outstanding issues
01[23:09] <Caliph> this isn't just a "wam bam sudden change"
01[23:09] <Caliph> we both have done things
01[23:09] <Caliph> own up to your end
01[23:09] <Caliph> i've already owned up to mine
[23:09] <Citizenkane> Run along, Caliph
01[23:10] <Caliph> you know, i've tried being nice
[23:10] <Citizenkane> you will all be at ZI and ZT when PC have finished with you
01[23:10] <Caliph> no we won't
01[23:10] <Caliph> you're nations would have to drop too far down to ensure that
01[23:10] <Caliph> and GOONS would tire of us before that would happen
[23:10] <Citizenkane> I'm pretty sure RoK would do a good job of doing that.
01[23:10] <Caliph> save your threats for those who can be intimidated
01[23:11] <Caliph> i spent 3 years helping \m/ come back
01[23:11] <Caliph> i am not paying reps to the likes of you after what you've said tonight
01[23:11] <Caliph> we are not disbanding
01[23:11] <Caliph> never again
01[23:11] <Caliph> good luck Zi'ing all of us
[23:12] <Citizenkane> Caliph. PC never declared on an MD partner of \m/.
[23:12] <Citizenkane> \m/ declared on an MD partner of PC.
[23:12] <Citizenkane> Words are words, actions are actions.
01[23:12] <Caliph> SLCB has done actions towards us
01[23:12] <Caliph> and it was not their gov who helped us then
01[23:12] <Caliph> SLCB's gov is made up of \m/ traitors
01[23:12] <Caliph> we have a history
[23:12] <Citizenkane> So what you're saying is that you hit SLCB not because of RoK ?
01[23:12] <Caliph> that is not at all what i am saying
[23:13] <Citizenkane> That you have a separate CB ?
01[23:13] <Caliph> those are all bonus reasons
01[23:13] <Caliph> we hit SLCB because they hit RoK
[23:13] <Citizenkane> You're a hated alliance.
01[23:13] <Caliph> yes we are
01[23:13] <Caliph> we are hated
[23:13] <Citizenkane> We're going to DoW you. Then Athens are going to ghost DoW you so that ODN can get a piece of you too.
[23:13] <Citizenkane> CnG FTW
01[23:13] <Caliph> we've been hated for over 3 years now
[23:14] <Citizenkane> Derwood1's working it right now
01[23:14] <Caliph> that is your choice
01[23:14] <Caliph> and theirs
[23:14] <Citizenkane> I hope you have decent warchests.
01[23:14] <Caliph> i hope you do to
[23:14] <Citizenkane> You're gonna need them./
[23:14] <Citizenkane> We do, thanks
01[23:14] <Caliph> you're going need them
[23:14] <Citizenkane> Are you going to hit PC too?
[23:14] <Citizenkane> Elite.
[23:15] <Citizenkane> Tears of \m/ burning are wonderful.
01[23:15] <Caliph> dude
01[23:15] <Caliph> you hitting us
01[23:15] <Caliph> with Athens
01[23:15] <Caliph> and ODN
01[23:15] <Caliph> will make MK jealous
[23:15] <Citizenkane> Not until next update.
01[23:15] <Caliph> they've wanted to hit us since we came back
01[23:15] <Caliph> also, tons of alliances want us rolled
01[23:16] <Caliph> i'm not suprised
[23:16] <Citizenkane> Then the likilihood is you're going to get rolled.
[23:16] <Citizenkane> and pwned.
01[23:16] <Caliph> that has always been the likelyhood
01[23:16] <Caliph> since we came back
01[23:16] <Caliph> if you want to get technical you could have IRON and Legion DOW us since they never peaced with us from the UjW too
01[23:17] <Caliph> not to mention over half the alliances in CN who have expressed their desire to roll us and disband us too
01[23:17] <Caliph> know this: we are not disbanding
[23:17] <Citizenkane> As I've already told you
[23:17] <Citizenkane> if you're not paying reps or disbanding
[23:17] <Citizenkane> its perma war
01[23:18] <Caliph> that has always been a possibility just for flying the \m/ AA
01[23:19] <Caliph> you're not scaring me, i chose to be in \m/, i could have stayed in MK
01[23:19] <Caliph> i made my bed, now i lie in it
01[23:19] <Caliph> you've made your choices, we've made ours
[23:19] <Citizenkane> Good luck.
01[23:19] <Caliph> you too
[23:19] <Citizenkane> We wont need it. you will.
[23:21] <Citizenkane> Who's gonna back you up?
[23:21] <Citizenkane> RoK?
[23:21] <Citizenkane> They'll be destroyed by end of this
[23:22] <Caliph> oh, i have no hope anyone is coming to our rescue
[23:22] <Caliph> we are just too hated
[23:22] <Caliph> nobody will go out on a limb for us
[23:22] <Caliph> but at the very least i take solace in the fact that by the end of us Prominent Member of the Westboro Baptist Churchgots on the OWF will no longer go "lulz \m/ disband after 7 days of war"
[23:23] <Caliph> folks like RV and Schat, they don't care about me, or \m/, they use us now to take cheap shots at VE
[23:23] <Caliph> alliances praising our DOW won't do !@#$ for us if you and others hit us
[23:24] <Caliph> and would be praising you for doing so
[23:24] <Caliph> they don't like us
[23:24] <Caliph> i'm ok with that
[23:24] <Caliph> like i said, i made my bed
[23:24] <Caliph> i'm not scared
[23:24] <Caliph> now put up
[23:24] <Caliph> or stop trying to scare me

Don't worry folks, the fun doesn't stop there! Stay tuned in for more hilarious comedy and long laffs here with Chaplain Margrave! And remember kids, it's not a CB unless...say it with me now, "VE SAYS SO!"

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[quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1295739436' post='2592561']
I don't really see how these are remotely interesting other than the fact you're about to get hit by some mush larger alliances and CK is sick of you.
Just bring it.

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[quote name='Lennox' timestamp='1295738915' post='2592541']
I didn't laugh.

Edit: Still, excellent investigative work, Margrave

I aim to please, Lennox. \m/ exists to ruin the game of people like Citizen Kane.


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[quote name='Caliph' timestamp='1295739944' post='2592583']
The chips and salsa, what else?
Is there any point to this series of non sequiturs? I was under the impression the point of this topic was to show CK's illogical rant, not your own.

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[quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1295740120' post='2592586']
...you really are that stupid.

Like really, do you not ever think before you post?

PC is doing what it can due to the amount of power they wield. Now their power would've taken a shot if they supported NEW last war. Think they'd impose their will and say the stuff they're saying now if they didn't have the upper hand?

Oh and when are you going to cry and send aid to an alliance to gain PR points?

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[quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1295740232' post='2592591']
Is there any point to this series of non sequiturs? I was under the impression the point of this topic was to show CK's illogical rant, not your own.

perhaps you were wrong. Maybe they're pointing out both?

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[quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1295740232' post='2592591']
Is there any point to this series of non sequiturs? I was under the impression the point of this topic was to show CK's illogical rant, not your own.
Well, we are \m/.

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