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Global Alliance and Treaty Organization Declaration of War

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The grizzled old cat sat in his worn leather arm chair. The lines of his face mark the years, the scars mark the battles both won and lost. He does not need to read the note passed to him a second time. The sounds of the tank treads rolling and the penguins screaming heard the last two nights told him all he needed to know.

He drained his white russian and after a final drag, extinguished his cigar on a pathetic piece of VE propaganda. "Jesucristo" he though, "Bromea estos días" Rising from the chair he stretched and elongating his body, feeling his muscles ripple beneath his coat. He sauntered over to the window tail swishing, claws - still razor sharp - clicking on the wood floor.

He looked out on his Santiago villa, knowing the carnage it would endure. But that mattered not, for IAA had been attacked, "Quemarán, quemarán todo... ". He drew himself up and took his sword off the mantle, battle worn and vibrating with power, hungry for blood. The hilt read "Strength en la Unidad, Honora en la Justicia" and it would not hunger for long.

The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization hereby Declares war on the Random Insanity Alliance in defense of the Imperial Assault Alliance.


[i]Assembly Chairman[/i]

[i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]

[i]GATO Congress XXXIX[/i]

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