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  1. o/ 57th Does this mean we won't be getting any more Evil Squirrel posts? Good show guys, good luck getting up on your feet and running properly now that you have left this mess behind. Your tenacity certainly has earned you some respect around Bob, and I am certain will lead to new found friendships once the dust clears from the current conflicts.
  2. [quote name='bobo t baggins' timestamp='1296960359' post='2621232'] [img]http://www.audizine.com/gallery/data/507/crying_baby.jpg[/img] tissues, anyone? [/quote] If I needed tissues I'd pull one from your bra. Now go away and suck on your first name
  3. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1296955636' post='2621186'] No it really isn't. But at least your fighting spirit is an improvement over last war, so good luck have fun. [/quote] Yes Woody, because when The 57th was fighting you and others, she was not suddenly side swiped by one of her own treaty partners. No that didn't happen, must be just your prowess.
  4. o/ Chimaera MK has become what they fought so hard to abolish
  5. When one stares into the darkness fearful of what it contains, for too long, it is inevitable that their worst fears will manifest from within themselves. This is the lesson yet to be learned. MK has become what it once reviled and despised.
  6. No wonder VE slapped you in the face and disrespected you when you came to them with an issue, this shows the world who you really are.
  7. /o RoK Good luck to the new Empress and her loyal subjects
  8. Hope CCC slaps you down a notch or ten
  9. [img]http://i54.tinypic.com/x5cysk.png[/img] Hilarious, good job.
  10. o/ LoSS Welcome to the battlefield, have some fun.
  11. o/ Genesis Good luck, welcome to the fray. Have some fun.
  12. Well we do know you'll end up on the winning side but you'll be on the losing side too
  13. /o TKTB Guess this means you're not "box turtles" OK even I know that was lame. Cook that Okra, then throw it in the trash where it belongs.
  14. o/ The 57th Point ye ship to the raggedy edge and set ye cannons ablaze, welcome back. Have fun and good luck out there.
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