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TOOL's Throwdown

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Oh no..another one? You betchya!

TOOL has an idea to do one of these, but had to be put on hold until after the war. So now you guys get ANOTHER multi alliance recruiting contest to follow, or not to follow.

TOOL has decided to start a recruiting THROWDOWN between it's allies. If this throwdown is successful, there may be more throwdowns between non-allies as well.

Many questions surround this contest. TOOL was once a recruiting machine, can they pull out their old tricks? Can the small alliance of The Blood Brothers outshine these bigger boys? Will the phoenix soar above it's opponents? Only time and recruiting will tell!

[u][b]Presenting your competitors:[/b][/u]

[*]The Order of Light (TOOL)
[*]The Phoenix Federation (TPF)
[*]The Blood Brothers (TBB)
[*]Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics (FEAR)
[*]The Legion (Legion)
[*]League of Small Superpowers (LoSS)

[u][b]Time Frame:[/b][/u]

Start Date: June 5th @ 12:00 AM EST
End Date: July 5th @ 11:59 PM EST


[*]1 Recruit = A *correctly* posted application by an applicant
[*]Mergers do not count *cough* TCK *cough*
[*]1 applicant posting 600 applications does not count as 600 recruits - each application has to be by a different OOC person *cough* TCK *cough*

[b][u]Winners receive:[/b][/u]
-Bragging Rights
-Userbar for their whole alliance to wear
If TPF wins:
-All the above & a statue in honor of TCK on the TOOL Forums

Good luck to all and let the recruiting BEGIN!

TOOL Hand of Internal Affairs

[size="6"]Final Standings[/size]

1. [b][color="#696969"]The Phoenix Federation[/color][/b] - 141
2. [b][color="#800080"]The Legion[/color][/b] - 63
3. [b][color="#696969"]Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics[/color][/b] - 43
4. [b][color="#696969"]The Order of Light[/color][/b] - 42
5. [b][color="#000000"]League of Small Superpowers[/color][/b] - 27
6. [b][color="#696969"]The Blood Brothers[/color][/b] - 22

Total: 338

Congratulations to TPF for EASILY winning the contest. Safe to say they had it in the bag after the first week. Legion started off out of the gates real fast, but slowed down, but managed to get 63 recruits. FEAR just managed to outdo TOOL by 1 recruit and hold onto third place, but just barely. LoSS pulled in 5th with 27, and BB did well with 22.

Onto growth!

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Oh we will have fun I promise that.

Me and my 3 recruiters will go to work.

Good Luck guys you are going to need it :P

I want a statue of honor too!

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[quote name='Banksy' date='05 June 2010 - 12:20 AM' timestamp='1275711626' post='2324169']
This should be interesting. See if you can beat our one :P

We'll try :P

[quote name='Omniscient1' date='05 June 2010 - 12:30 AM' timestamp='1275712233' post='2324180']
Nice, so will whoever wins this throw down the gauntlet for GATO?

That would be nice ;)

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[quote name='Joe Stupid' date='04 June 2010 - 09:11 PM' timestamp='1275714658' post='2324247']
Good luck to all involved.

Even though I've never heard of The Blood Brothers. I thought TBB was The Big Bad, in which case I just laughed.

We are a TOOL protectorate. We are kinda quite :)

We go by BB though.

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