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  1. Must have alligator. Koala, Giraffe, Kangaroo, or SHARK.
  2. Back off, Lefty. This is between Auctor and I.
  3. This....This.....is unexpected. We were just talking to each other and I respect your every move. You, sir, are of horrible etiquette as YOU were the one not respecting me. You deserve nothing and I hope you pay for this. Dearly. Good day, Auctor.
  4. u dun guf'd n got dun band

  5. Baskan


    MIAAAAAAA! Even though you got mad at me for peeing you your #TOOL pool i still you :v
  6. Burnsey, you'll have to re-roll. You have no other option. Auctor made many people delete in his days, and he's coming back for you!
  7. I was always Baskan, then I rerolled to Likish, and back to Baskan. Soo I am originally Baskan :P

  8. Why are you Baskan now? You were better as "Likish", jerk

  9. Baskan

    A quick apology.

    O/Omni.... I forgive you (I think? Maybe, no not really )
  10. Can you raise your NS up a bit? So i can get some of this action.
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