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Maroon not only has the pleasure of announcing The Immortal's entrance to the Maroon Economic Pact, but also the chance to thank them and many others in their participation with MEP.

We would also like to welcome them and the Soldiers of Legion to the Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon.

Over the course of the past few months Maroon has been making several improvements to our sphere by utilizing our unity and our strength. And our massive spamming abilities tongue.gif

So, we would like to take this chance as a shout out to the Ladies and Gentlemen who have helped create many trade circles amongst the maroon sphere and have dedicated their time to volunteer in the trade program outside of regular government duties.

Contributors from Asgaard,

Hunger, our hidden gem; not yours!

Ard Ri Monagle, the man behind the spreadsheet and Asgaard's finances expert

Contributors from RIA,

Thunder Strike, Hater of Cats (Imma electrocute you all)

Contributors from The Immortals,

Sarmatian, much love goes to the new TI members he's been contributing

Contributors from TYR,

Lanna, Maroon's Sexy Whip Mistress & longest trade agent on maroon bringing into the fold the Sexy Nation Project.

Also a big shout out to the alliances of CSN, TTK, SoL and TEN for providing trade participants throughout the program's success. As well as all of Maroon.

PS: Trades are located here

PS2.0: Also James Dahl created a nice little trade circle app and the topic about that is here

o/ The Immortals

o/ Soldiers of Legion

o/ Maroonity




Coalition of Royal Allied Powers


Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations


Global Order of Darkness


Monos Archein


Random Insanity Alliance


Soldiers of Legion


The Angelic Sanctuary


The Brain


The Immortals


The Order of Halsa


The Other Side


The Templar Knights


Through Yggdrasil's Roots


United Sovereign Nations

In Memorium...


Arrow of Chiron - Rapture - Soldiers of Liberty - The Four Horsemen - The Republic

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