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  1. And I had my money on that tetanus shot holding out
  2. Agreed. Must be fake However it being true does follow the law of celebrity marriages never lasting.
  3. reminds me of a Scrubs scene, "ring of fire"
  4. You just missed out on 4 million bucks
  5. Yes! But then again, adrenaline is something people value more than others. You should check this out: http://www.beachpark.com.br/site/en/water-park/attraction-insano.asp I've gone on it 6 times! You literally are mid-air for the entire downward slope.
  6. Foreword: If you have Firefox, install InvisibleHand add-on I've finally reached a point where I'm earning enough to have some good disposable income, and through looking at a lot of deals, I'm getting some good stuff for cheap :awesome: First thing, bought this brand new 40 inch 1080p Dynex for $350. Yes, 350. Hell of a deal and I got it! It's not a well known name, but I believe people buy into that kind of thing way too much, and for only 60 more bucks it gave me a 4 year warranty. With my hdmi cable, it is now doubling as gargantuan monitor for my laptop. Plus I'm also going to use it to play some HD movies I can stream off a few sites, Netflix you are now obsolete to me. Onto HDMI cables, those things are expensive! At Bestbuy, the cheapest one you could get is $30! For a little piece of crap cable wow. Well being internet savvy pays off, and if you search 'hdmi cable' on Amazon, you get quality hdmi cables for 2 bucks, free shipping. No kidding, check the reviews and a 4.5/5.0 from 3500 ratings, they really work. I bought 4 of em. I swear, if more people knew about this, prices would come crashing down. Now for the 360, yeah you've probably seen Microsoft's ads, buy a $699 laptop and a get a free 4GB 360 slim if you're a college student. Luckily, I know someone who buys and sells laptops for a job. He's going to let me get the 360 for free when he gets a qualifying laptop. Woo! Taking some time off rogueing is going to be better than I thought. So now please relish with me for my newfound awesomeness :D
  7. Male pregnancy was in the news a while ago, this is nothing new..... edit: ihateyoulocke
  8. "We're kicking you out and good [s]riddance you @#$%[/s] luck "
  9. Geez, kinda wish I would have been gone by the time these changes stared kicking in =/
  10. no you can move it and the whatever amount of citizens stored will remain the same. The # of citizens changed will only change if you pick the other option
  11. [quote name='Blue' timestamp='1303486703' post='2696615'] Did you try to make an account earlier? If you made the account and there is not a nation, it wouldn't show up. [/quote] You can see for yourself. If you go to the Register page and type in the name to check availability, that error ^^ shows up. It doesn't show for Mansa Musa, Mansa Musa I, Mansa Musa II, but shows for Mansa Musa III.
  12. I was fighting right before/after update and all of a sudden all my troops were redeployed back home but I didn't receive a "forces returned home" message
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