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  1. Awww why do INT have to attack CRAP. The only way this could get worse was if LSF declared on TTK. Sad times.
  2. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1340657405' post='2996139'] Come over to our forums cyphon, we'll give you a warm reception [/quote] Awesome on my way over!
  3. Well we picked the right alliance to do that! eh! eh! eh! I've been off the forums too long, I don't know all the non grata jokes the new kids do to make the coming up joke work properly. So you'll have to settle for that.
  4. [quote name='Scandalous Rumour' timestamp='1340621575' post='2995712'] Just gotta wade through the liquid goo that is RIA and TTK at this point and I'll get right on it. [/quote] Cough*ahem*cough to get into the spirit of the thread. hey Hey hey! gLooP my good sir. The only person who gets to call us Goo is Xiphomissy. NO U. And I think that about covers it. Hey Bud by the way, hope you're doing well mate, long time no see. <insert random war chant/taunt to rally the masses> And I think I'm done here.
  5. Shotgun Arexes/Kriekfreak when he gets down to my level. He's mine people and has been for agggggesss. Also umm /o war or something. Also, ICP, come on?!?! so long ago.
  6. [quote name='Alaric' timestamp='1339459715' post='2981011'] I approve. But, this thread needs more Cyphon! [/quote] Everything needs more Cyphon. In fact the Grand Lodge League needs more trophies with Cyphon's name on it. Don't worry, I'll help y'all out on that. [quote name='constapatedape' timestamp='1339473582' post='2981238'] o/ TTK and I concur thread needs more Cyphon and Wiccan [/quote] Consta, Consta, Consta. You only got it half right, you've been slacking of late. I shall have to come around and remind you of why it only needs Wiccan at some point. [quote name='Ayatollah Bromeini' timestamp='1339530247' post='2981631'] TTK seems like a great bunch. Congrats on this. [/quote] Its really cunning subterfuge isn't it?
  7. [quote name='Chuck Normis' timestamp='1323399442' post='2870061'] Hence why we don't post on the OWF that often. Also inflated ego? We don't lurk around the OWF begging for attention by antagonizing other people/alliances. We don't look for attention by declaring preemptive strikes on alliances because we are blue-balled. The only reason people know we exist is because we happen to be allied to SF alliances. If our ego is indeed "inflated," I fail to see how. [/quote] First of all Hawkeye, I stocked up for my retaliatory strike, come on IRC to coordinate, and then you go and call peace. I have 4 cruise missiles now with nothing to shoot them at! Unless, Goose, you still up for some action? And Chuck, if your ego is inflated according to this thread, TTK's ego must be allowing us to soar through the air on a wind of hot air. As proven by my own post. How neat.
  8. [quote name='HawkeyeNation' timestamp='1310926961' post='2757867'] Yeah us! @Cy, party socks will do just fine. [/quote] I'm not sure people could handle them on here. That kind of depravity is best kept safely on our forums.
  9. [quote name='wiccan high priest' timestamp='1310640263' post='2756038'] people change, govt change but I'm still running the still out of the barracks rec room just as I always have. [/quote] And i'm still keeping an eye on you to try and limit at least some of the shenanigans.
  10. No Mandy, when that date comes along that's when the party will stop. Good to have you back with us ProdigyNL. Does this mean I have to wear a party hat?
  11. Broadly, I'm happy with what stats TTK got here. Most of you don't know us, which is primarily that we don't lead the charge, nor do we do anything facepalm stupid. Some of the scores I'd query as to where they'd come from, but nothing to get all upset by. Which I suspect no knows us. Oh and Bud, he is, come back and see . Mostly Harmless Alliance - 6 - Some good people here Green Protection Agency - 5 Meh Fark - 6 - Good laugh, dont talk to them much these days Independent Republic Of Orange Nations - 5 Meh Sparta - 6 - some good guys, who we don't see much of no more World Task Force - 5 - Meh Orange Defense Network - 5 - meh The Order Of The Paradox - 5 - Would be just Meh, bar we were the original templars here. Umbrella - 5 - Meh New Pacific Order - 4 - Some good people here, but you get what you got for previous, Life sucks like that sometimes Global Alliance And Treaty Organization - 6 - to to fight with, and some good people here Viridian Entente - 6 - Lax and people are good, but only see them when someone wants to spill some pixels The Democratic Order - 5 Meh New Polar Order - 5 Meh FOK - 5 R&R - 5 Mushroom Kingdom - 5 Nordreich - 5 - I'm wayr of you lot, but your people in X11 and Isolde helps a hell of a lot with that LoSS - 5 Nusantara Elite Warriors - 5 The Legion - 4 - /me winces at Legion still Valhalla - 6 - Some good people here, just we had to go our own ways Multicolored Cross-X Alliance - 5 Nueva Vida - 5 The Foreign Division - 5 Federation Of Armed Nations - 5 NATO - 5 Global Order of Darkness - 9 - xiph, Zilla, Big Z, plenty of other good people here. You know where they stand always The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons - 8 - I'd like us to be closer than we are, some ace people here, but you shouldn't if let Phil get back in again Legacy - 7 Sarm The Templar Knights - 5 - We're alright, nothing to shout and scream about, and I like under the radar The Order Of Light - 5 - When Rand gets killed next year, and the dark one wins, you're buggered Asgaard - 8 - Really worth getting to know iFOK - 6 - Arexes Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations - 9 - I dont really need to say anything here Athens - 4 - Not had completely good experiences here World Federation - 5 Meh Goon Order Of Oppression Negligence And Sadism - 6 - Good entertainment value Fellowship Of Elite Allied Republics - 5 Global Democratic Alliance - 5 Meh Argent - 5 Meh Guru Order - 5 - Still selling tech Christian Coalition Of Countries - 5 - Ah the religious wars of old Ragnarok - 6 - Still some good people about here The Phoenix Federation - 5 Meh Random Insanity Alliance - 9 - What's not to like?
  12. Seconded and passed. His jokes should do the trick.
  13. To be fair, Asgaard would be ahead of Legacy in the queue. Sucks to be you Sarm. But there are literally three threads on our forums asking people to fight/nuke me. So I had better set up some sort of rope line.
  14. Legacy has to get in line. Although I see Sarm is waving a slightly grubby, tissue like, flag of surrender.
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