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  1. Back in the day this was just as big of a problem. In my opinion when allies use a treaty to bar entry into a war that is grounds for immediate dissolution of the treaty. It's ridiculous behavior but common in those backchannel war planning rooms. "If we send X to attack Y then A, B and C can't enter that front." Right at that point it's the responsibility of alliance X to step up and make it known they won't put their ally in a no-win situation to where they can't help another ally because they've been treaty blocked. And if you have too many treaties causing this, that's your fault.
  2. I must certainly come to visit you. :P

    What's up in Asgaard? Everything ok?

  3. Long time no see man, you oughta stop by sometime and catch up.

  4. Hey my friend! I have returned from retirement. :P

  5. Or they simply lost interest at the end of a backcollection... but no one ever considers that AT ALL, because no alliance puts backcollections as part of nation guides... right? Seriously, the guy in this blog is right, we need updates. Admin knows it, the Mods know it. They just don't know how to implement it without a whole ton of whining and complaining from every player that these numbers are off or those additions suck, or we need this, not that.
  6. Here is another comment for you.

  7. Cool, my first comment

  8. Yes, I find this incredibly funny that you have to protect your rather unknown reputation.
  9. I don't really have any other way of advertising my suggestion without doing this... New Resources - Copper: Base Effects of -2% Infra Upkeep and -5% Infra Purchase Cost Electromagnets Requires: Iron and Copper Effects: Increases the Effects of Microchips by 150% Advanced Robotics (Yeah... we'd need more stuff, but this is some basic things) Requires: Steel, Electromagnets, Microchips, Fine Jewelry, Affluent Population Effects: Population Boost of 2%,Population Happiness of 2, Infrastructure Reduction 5%, and requires Tech of 200+ This would effectively create a new trade ring, with only one new resource created overall. I feel the Fine Jewelry/Affluent Population not only helps to add a new dimension for those with poorer trades, but it also would put something out that actually helps rival the current 8BR sets. Plus, things like silver and gold are used in the creation of circuits and microchips, gems not quite as much... But Affluent Population is good because you need quite a deal of money for Robotics. Overall Resources: Gold, Silver, Gems, Coal, Fish, Furs, Wine, Iron, Lead, Oil, Copper + Wildcard Summary: Yes, trades need to be changed. Its amazing that a guy like me, with lead and silver, can even find a stable trade ring, let alone one that has Nukes, a decent population and doesn't significantly drop my income. I am lucky to have people willing to take some crappy resources into a trade circle in order to promote stability. Why not offer some more trade circles/options to at least balance things out. Otherwise we may need an overhaul.
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