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TOOL takes an uncharted path...

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From the desk of TOOL's Hand of Foreign Affairs...

I am sad to say that TOOL is taking a path that it has never taken before and declaring war on allies... err... wrong script.

Nah, TOOL is taking a step that it hasn't done before and should've long before. TOOL is proud to recognize those who have served TOOL in befriending us in diplomacy and helped make TOOL what it is today. This is the first time that the TOOL Foreign Service Medal has been given.



Alfred von Tirpitz of RoK for always being supportive of TOOL.

Cable77 of RoK for being consistently friendly face of an ally.

delgrush of IRON for being a face of diplomacy and visiting and easily approachable.

Desperado' of TPF for being a helpful face of an ally.

diomede of Argent for being a trustworthy guy and friendly diplomatic fun.

Duncan King for help in SNOW and being a great ally.

FinsterBaby of IRON for helping TOOL out and being a steady ally.

Gen_Lee (from past service when he was in RoK govt)

Great Lakes Union of TPF for being a helpful voice and diplomatic.

mhawk of TPF for being an ally and steady.

RustyNail of Argent for being someone to depend on and tell how it is.

SilentFury of FnKA for fighting alongside even in difficult times.

Tromp of FOK! for being a Dutchie who always makes us laugh and a diplomatic face.

Turetel of FEAR for helping make the FEAR - TOOL relationship what it is today.

USMC of RoK for being a friendly face and a bit wacky.

Yankeesfan of FnKA for service for being a Jewish annoying.. nah, for being a reliable face that you could contact fast.

Foreign Diplomats

bzelger of STA for being an active diplomat and friendly.

Wacky Karma of ODN for being a steady diplomat that one enjoys.

SinOfNemesis (SkyGreenChick) of TOP for being a long time diplomat to TOOL.

Goalintos of NpO for being a long time diplomat to TOOL .

Karma War

Adrian LaCroix of Brigade for his service during the Karma War.

GeorgeTheGreat from Sparta for service during Karma War and being helpful to get surrender terms.

Congratulations and I am honored to be able to present this to all those who have served TOOL and we appreciate it.

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Damn, now I'm even further behind Cable in ribbons--how am I supposed to catch up to him if you people keep enabling him?!?

In other news, the Ragnarok boards are expected to be out for the next three years as servers crash when 2 or more Rokkers simultaneously attempt to load Cable's sig...

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