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A clarification of MHA obligations.


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The Mostly Harmless Alliance would like to announce that due to recent events, we must clarify our Defensive obligations. We'd like to make it clear to all of Planet Bob that as a mostly peaceful alliance, MHA supports peace over war, honor over convenience, diplomacy over conflict, and defense over aggression.

MHA does not support the war initiated by the New Pacific Order and The Order of Righteous Nations.

We made our position clear to them regarding the possible implications of war, and our general dissatisfaction with the whole mess. We said it then, we're saying it again. MHA is choosing to do what is right, and it is choosing to not support the actions taken on behalf of those treaty partners. We will not be activating the Aggression portions of the those treaties, nor shall the Defense portions of those treaties be activated. To do so would be to support actions that are fundamentally against the MHA's way of life and our Chartered policies.

In addition, any MHA Defense partner who does support their actions will similarly be unable to Activate their Defense treaties with the MHA. We understand that you have obligations as well, and as sovereign alliances the decision is entirely yours, but we hope that you do what is fundamentally right. We also cannot allow those treaties to prevent our other Defense partners from defending their allies against those who support this action. In order to resolve any possible treaty conflicts, therefore, those who support the NPO/TORN war will not be defended by the MHA.

As we are already informed of the positions of the following partners, these treaties will be fully activated should any alliance declare war upon them:

- The Härmlin Accords

- The Trident

- Sparta MDoAP





- Umbrella MDP

- EPIC Protectorate Bloc and all Protectorate treaties



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