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  1. [quote][22:34] <Dingo> what're youdoing? [22:36] <Engel> watching you through your window [22:44] <Dingo> I actually saw you for a moment [22:44] <Dingo> you might as well come in and shoot me [22:47] <Engel> [22:47] <Engel> that's a lie! [22:47] <Engel> i'm hidden [22:50] <Dingo> and probably behind me with a knife [22:50] <Dingo> do it! [22:54] * Engel slits dingo's throat with a knife [22:55] * Dingo dies [22:58] <Engel> hurray! [23:07] <Dingo> then again my spirit is immortal [/quote] Indeed, your spirit shal
  2. Very nice to see this happen. o/ Papaya Forever
  3. How's the war going? I miss you :(

  4. Why do current alliances not appeal to you? If you created an alliance, what would it offer that is different from alliances already in existence?
  5. How is Polaris awesome if it kicks out or threatens their members until they leave? You're just another alliance on the blue team who lost site of what the game meant and think you own blue due to your size. Let the blue people decide!
  6. Fighting my first war. The alliance was disorganized, but other new members and I were organized. The excitement for initiating and fighting my first war was indescribable. Shortly after that I met Ada for the first time, asking for aid. He still remains one of my best friends in the game.
  7. Voted Colossus as I would like to see them some day hold a senate seat on blue. We need change in this game.
  8. I don't like the airing dirty laundry. Your stink is wafting into my house
  9. I always thought the first nuke could be launched 25 hours after you declared war. It rounds up to the next hour and then you have to wait the 24 hours.
  10. -9, -161 93% -34, 145 67% -12, -19 50% -17, -173 96% 37.71859, -129.37500 56%
  11. Good luck (Naeren, you should probably change your alliance name on your forum profile)
  12. [quote name='xenon' timestamp='1282918052' post='2432768'] By "at a time" do you mean "in one day"? Because you have to purchase one, and then go and purchase another. You can't purchase 2 at once. [/quote] Thanks
  13. Today I bought a hidden nuke silo. I already have a WRC. Why can't I purchase 2 nukes at a time from 20 to 25? It's only letting me purchase one at a time.
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