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  1. A Bump and moment of silence to honor all the worlds fallen Heroes on this American Memorial Day
  2. [quote name='KagetheSecond' timestamp='1315641862' post='2797933'] You'll burn with the rest of them. [/quote] "a-b-c hit it! thats the way, uhuh uhuh i like it, uhuh uhuh thats the way, uhuh uhuh i like it, uhuh uhuh you get your way, i get mine pinch punch, captain crunch karate kick, karate punch brick wall, waterfall, girl you think you know it all but you dont, i do so *pouf* with that attitude, dont go there girlfriend, how rude!" Loving the look of theses, gonna have to go give each a personal congrats
  3. Thanks bakja, I shall go do that
  4. Good Luck guys. You have the knowledge and the fortitude to do well, and for the heartache you caused me you better Also, take care of my Stonehouse or I will nuke you all myself Lastly, Polo
  5. Random, someone wanted to lend a o/ to this [quote]Session Start: Wed Oct 20 22:47:00 2010 [23:12] <@electron_sponge> also hello[/quote]
  6. Marvun Gaye would say You've Been a Long Time Comin' Random. He may not be Barry, but he brings the Sexual Healing just as well
  7. We have the ice, you bring the drinks
  8. [quote name='the damned' timestamp='1286976865' post='2483551'] I'll put fifty tech down on my boys. [/quote] Will do! This has been quite the blast I must say. Relieved some of teh CN boredom, learning how to use a navy (not that it helps much in this type of warfare) and reorganizing conventional thinking on what order to launch offensive strikes. Plus the Princess Doomee is something else Thanks to FARK for organizing this, looking forward to doing it again in the future, once I get my warchest back to where it belongs
  9. [quote name='Uralica' timestamp='1286853345' post='2482042'] Two in Anarchy - NpO (lol Blake ), Athens [/quote] The other guy was in Cedar Point riding Roller Coasters and forgot to set his nation up before he left and WB has 6 wars on him and can't catch any type of break, he even has pilots bailing out mid-flight, before they even reach the enemies border
  10. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1286769603' post='2481147'] Have fun and enjoy the fights. I would be wiling to bet 50 tech Fark wins, although several in there seem like they have a good chance of winning. [/quote] I'll take that bet
  11. [quote name='Kongen' timestamp='1285150272' post='2460828'] I see a bump in the near future [/quote] and the future is now
  12. Check out the new member in gov
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