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  1. I assume you mean VE and friends as your example towards CnG. It has been stated numerous times, and is very true, that they were going to give us white peace but NPO stepped in and forced them to give us terms. At least one of them, TORN I think, waived it's terms eventually.
  2. You mean like the terms that were given to CnG? Yes, you have often given wonderfully light terms to those who simply enter to fulfill their agreements. TDSM8 died under those terms and the rest of CnG had to give up ungodly amounts of tech and freedom to execute them. What did they do besides fulfill their obligations? As Janova said, when Karma brings in EZI, viceroys, or disbandment against their foes then you will have ammunition. So far the only terms were minor payments of tech. I believe I remember reading that MCXA's tech payment was around 5% of their tech (I have not done the math myself, it could but more but it is certainly not much of it). CnG alliances all had far higher percentages. TDSM8's was more than it had in the alliance at the time of surrender. Much of Karma has never stood for white peace, though a few have and quite vocally. We have stood for reasonable terms. All that has been presented are reasonable terms. EDIT: Also Vladimir, it was fun fighting you. Thank you for destroying so much of my excess property, it quite got in the way of my view.
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