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I've been thinking of making a CN Alliance World Map. GIven my relative inactivity on the forums until July, and this rumors of war, I figure that making a post on this would help me get things done when I'm fully active.

A few rules:

1. 5 NS = 1 square km

2. Alliance must be over 2 million NS

3. No alliances of the same color can border (exception: Zenith and TGE)

Please give me some ideas as to where I should put alliances.

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I think that perhaps limiting such a map to the Sanctioned alliances or the top twenty alliances would make this idea feasible.

Also, there's a map like this on the old forums somewhere. It's a bit dated, as I remember GOONS making up a large portion of it. :P

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NPO = Russia

IRON = Australia

Sparta = Greece

MHA = New Zealand

TOP = Saudi Arabia

MCXA = Canada

FARK = Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

ODN = Philippines

NpO = North Pole

RoK = Scandinavia

VE = Ireland

TOOL = Argentina

FOK = Netherlands

TPF = Iraq

Grämlins = Brazil


GPA = Switzerland

GGA = Italy

Legion = France

MK = Madagascar

Echelon = India



NADC = Belgium

PC = Sudan

LoSS = Alaska

GR = Greenland

NSO = Japan

TSO = Sri Lanka

STA = Siberia

TTK = Israel

WAPA = Scotland

International = Cuba

NV = Mexico

Valhalla = Scandinavia

GATO = Poland

FCO = Finland

TGE = Germany

Vox = Northern Ireland

FAN = Vietnam

I'll update more if I can think of anything else.

Oh yeah, and

IRAN = Persia

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Numerous versions of this have been created in the past. Most are disappointing, as the reality of the globe does not fit with the limitless expansion of Planet Bob. Still, there was one done just before The Unjust War which I felt was really impressive visually. If I remember correctly, GOONS and \m/ made up most of South America, the NPO dominated the entire Pacific rim, and IRON held much of China.

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Hm, so basically this will be just like the map for CNRP Nations? Well, that would mean that NPO would control the Pacific Rim; West Coast USA, Parts of Eastern Russia, Japan, Eastern China, Indonesia and so forth. It wouldn't just be all of USA, or all of Russia. This will be a lot of work too, good luck to you on this.

Edit: I didn't see Sunstar's post; but yeah, I remember that too. It was pretty well done.

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Theoden did this a while ago. He must of just gave up on it. :P

NPO = Russia

IRON = Australia

Sparta = Greece

NpO = North Pole

MCXA = Canada

GR = Greenland

STA = Siberia


FOK = Netherlands

Grämlins = Germany

Legion = France

MK = Jamaica

NV = Mexico

Valhalla = Scandinavia

FAN = Vietnam

Put GGA on the UK and I will be most mispleased. :P

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I believe that alliances should be eligible by importance. Make NS a magnitude consideration, but don't leave out alliances like Vox, FAN, PPF, etc. Those alliances, while not large, are still important in their own ways.

That said...

Pacifica: Eastern Russia (to Siberia), Northern Siberia, Eastern China, Japan, Alaska, Western North America (the United States territories of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona), and Western Mexico (Baja California)

Independent Republic of Orange Nations: Western and Central China and Kazakhstan

Sparta: Europe (excluding Scandinavian territories The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway, Germany, and Northern Ireland) and Northern Africa (the terrories of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco)

The Härmlin Alliance: Mexico (excluding Baja California), Central America, and South America

Paradoxia: Australia and New Zealand

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance: Canada South and West of Hudson Bay

Farkistan: The Middle-East (excluding Kazakhstan, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, and Oman)

Orange Defense Network: Central and Southern Africa (excluding Madagascar, Somalia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya)

Polaris: Antarctica

Ragnarok: Central and Eastern Greenland, Canada North of Hudson Bay, and Iceland

Viridia: Central United States (excluding Louisiana)

The Order of Light: Sky Continents Hovering above the Indian Ocean

FOK!-Alliance: The Netherlands and South Africa

Federation of Armed Nations: India, South Korea, and Cuba

Vox Populi: Taiwan, North Korea, Sri Lanka, and Northern Somalia

Overclockers UK: Northern Ireland

Jarheads: Southern Somalia, Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius

Siberian Tiger Alliance: Central and Southern Siberia

Valhalla: Scandinavia (excluding The Netherlands) and Northwestern Russia

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization: Mongolia

New Sith Order: Sky Continents Hovering above the Pacifica Ocean

Greenland Republic: Western Greenland

Mushroom Kingdom: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman

The Phoenix Federation: Sky Continents Hovering above the South Atlantic Ocean

North Atlantic Defense Coalition: Sky Continents Hovering above the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean

The Legion: Sky Continents Hovering above the Southern Ocean

North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Sky Continents Hovering above the South Atlantic Ocean

Grand Global Alliance: Eastern United States (the former British Colonies, excluding Florida)

Green Protection Agency: The Pacific Islands (excluding The Philippines)

Prism Protection Front: The Galapagos Islands

The German Empire: Germany

All territories excluded or not mentioned are either disputed territories, involved in the FAN-1V War and the Vox Populi Resistence Movement, or are territories not yet annexed in the aftermath of the NPO-Jarheads War. These include:


Western Russia



The Philippines

Southern Asia, from Myanmar to Cambodia




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