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  1. Sorry to see you got banned :(

  2. Is that a software logo? o.O

  3. Haha yeah I had been meaning to change it for a while, and you gotta stick with what you know right? CATS RULE

  4. A sequel to the old avatar? AND THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE!

  5. A bl- I mean a clever musing of RV's ingame opinions. I think there's open writing space in the place that it says "Blog" :awesome:

  6. The lack of blog concerns Jofna. Majorly.

  7. Alright sweet bro, I'll hit you up when I get the chance. ;)

  8. Kpcurley? As in Kyle Curley? The one from Maine? o.O If so I think I knew you at one point.

  9. JayOvfEnnay

    Second Issue

    The depends, age doesn't matter as long as the other naked-participant is hot and not wrinkling/sagging to the point where things are touching the ground that are not supposed to stay elevated at all times. e.e
  10. XD Oh yes I am. Pwning this one dude named Trigon through words and through battle. Our war just ended. He sucks royally but acts as though he's the OMGALMIGHTY wargod. rofl

  11. Sweet! I'm sure you're really having fun rite now, aren't you? I know I am! XD

  12. Hey man how's it going! Long time no talk. ;)

  13. Yeah here and there I get things from them ^^ The only one I've been able to sustain talks with for the length of time is probably MWP. ;)

    He's hangin' with GR, senator over there too!

  14. Things are going alright ^_^

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