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  1. Sorry to see you got banned :(

  2. JackTarr: Favorite and Least favorite part of being in Maine? JackTarr & Caesar: Where do you see FAN in a year? JackTarr & Caesar: Do you think that there is any alliance currently in CN at the moment that could defeat FAN in 1v1 warfare, or is FAN still today unrivaled in terms of military skill, by any alliance? JackTarr & Caesar: Most people talk about the upper tier being the only one that matters during warfare. You folks, however, possibly have the strongest bottom-middle tier in this game. Do you think there is an advantage to having much of your military might piled in
  3. I'd enjoy it if we got new war wonders/military related things. Still, I like the concept. Allows a lot more on the topic of expanding what kinds of wonders will be allowed.
  4. Is that a software logo? o.O

  5. ICEBURN. Any way, whatever you say ODN. I'm going to refrain from my usual trolly self.
  6. Heh, perhaps one of the more closer resemblances of drinking songs would be good for tLC. Megadeth probably ranks my second favorite band of all time and continues to be. I like United Abominations for a particular alliance who's name will not be mentioned, and I LOVE Amerikhastan, and it seems to fit basically the entire Cyberverse. :-P
  7. Haha yeah I had been meaning to change it for a while, and you gotta stick with what you know right? CATS RULE

  8. I suppose people forgot about Cult of Justitia, the other red alliance? D: They're still going strong. :3
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the Gramlins, but after reading through this topic I can fully say that I like the way that Alden is doing this.
  10. A sequel to the old avatar? AND THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE!

  11. A bl- I mean a clever musing of RV's ingame opinions. I think there's open writing space in the place that it says "Blog" :awesome:

  12. I went ahead and read 3 pages of the topic. So I'm sorry if I missed something e.e Not to argue here Airme but Astronaut Jones isn't government of MA. I'm probably the biggest troll in all of tLC, I've been threatened by alliances that I have actually not done anything to. When it comes to people speaking, it seems like you're trying to give him veiled threats because he's speaking of his dislike of Caffine. I hate atleast 5 members in every sanctioned alliance. Doesn't mean I'm against them all, it means I have my own separate experiences. The same goes for AJ. Nevertheless, if someone
  13. Oh please, GDI aren't the only people we'll end up dueling at some point or another. ;D A GDI surrender is to some degree, expected by the public. If we can get a much larger, somewhat better known group to surrender or to lose, it will be a bit more fun.
  14. Black: TDE, [m], GOONS. Blue: NpO, tLC Aqua: MK, Zenith Orange: IRON White: STA Green: GPA Purple: Valhalla Maroon: MA Red: FIRE, NPO Brown: GATO Yellow: FAN Pink: RAD Multi-Colored/No official Color: Grey Council
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