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The nations of The Sweet Oblivion are happy to announce that we have begun the process of healing the rift between ourselves and the nations of MCXA.

We understand that our actions have caused MCXA to suffer a great loss and we aknowledge our obligation to help replace that which was taken from them.

I would like to personally apologize to MCXA and the CN community for the contents of our DOE, it was an inexcusable act of arrogance, one that will not be repeated.

Along with this brief but truly spoken apology, MCXA will recieve aid from TSO totalling 1.7 billion Dollars to use as they see fit. We will also honor our previous promise to vote for MCXA's senator of choice.

To my former comrades, I am sorry, you had every reason to expect more from us.

May you quickly recover. o/

Special shout out to TOP for their arbitration skills and professional calmness

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Well, this is something I haven't seen before... a splinter alliance apologising to the parent alliance for soaking up their top nations :P

When a precedent involves a sincere apology, it's a good thing.

o/ TSO for this act of humility.

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Wait, can someone explain to me why a group people that left an alliance willingly have to pay reps? especially since they had a reason to do so? and I know that they didnt give any warning to MCXA, but i dont see how that warrants reparations? I am not pretending to know the whole story, i genuinely would like my questions answered.

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