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  1. Jipps

    Notes On Time

    Upon returning from my 3 month hiatus, I immediately found myself bombarded with queries and friends of old all full of different pieces of information eager to share their knowledge with a person they trusted. I was just flat out shocked by all that had changed, the things that had been done, the people I had once known it was all hitting me at once all of a sudden. It all brought me back 3 months earlier to when I was on the verge of total boredom with the game due to percieved lack of change. The game seemed so slow and nothing was different from the mnonth before or the month before that. I had become so focused on the large scheme of things, as so many of us do, that I was completely oblivious to the small changes constantly occuring all around me. The community is always changing, IC and OCC, and those who don't realise that and complain of stagnation really don't know the real value of this game. The change is just so gradual over the time that it seems like its at standstill, but it really requires a break fromm the game to give you perspective of what really matters in this game and how it is always changing whether you realize or not. Hopefully this message will rub off on some people, just something interesting I thought Id share with everyone. Also, expect Rhymes with Orange to recieve much more activity in the coming weeks. I have a huge tank full of ideas and information I would love to share with you all.
  2. Haf is right here, I was confused.
  3. The past war has seen the very basic structures of Bob's political society shaken to it's roots. The entire political landscape we have built here is based on the foundation of treaties and responsibility. We entrust others to uphold obligations that we make in order for the game to function, and everytime it fails it becomes more and more accepted. If the current trends continue, we may be facing political crisis and the collapse of everything that makes this such a wonderful game. Cybernations relies on honor to make it work. Alliances need to uphold their honor to not PZI and drive players away, they uphold their honor to treaties, they uphold their honor by keeping it IC, ect. However when an alliance chooses to become dishonorable, it is the moral responsibility of the players to dispose of the unhonorable alliance. History will show you this to be true, many alliances have fallen from it. So you can understand my recent displeasure with the amount of alliances balantly "clarifying" or outright ignoring their treaties. Cancellation clauses are included for a reason, use them. Many alliances have become picky with their treaty obligations, choosing to honor only certain ones during war. This type of behavior is disgusting. Alliances like ODN have been using this horrible practice for years literally. The decaying of the treaty is evident in the current ranking of treaty importance. What happened to the NAP? It is considered useless by todays standard and almost completely unseen. This might be in part because of the actions of Legion in GW3, where it ignored its NAP with NPO. Our actions have a very real effect on the political landscape. Alliances shouldn't have to feel pressured to sign as many treaties as possible, they wouldn't need to if there wasn't such a scare of half of them getting cancelled. Nor should you have to have a treaty with someone to justify defending them, treaties aren't mandatory. If cybernations was more keen on these ideas, we would sure have a lot less and more stable treaties.
  4. Jipps

    On Terms

    Well this is my first blog entry, hopefully a start to a series on the many thoughts, explainations, and other general nonesense I find worthy of posting. Figured I should start off with some answers to many questions I have been approached with about our surrender, a topic that somehow managed 24 pages in the AP. First thing you should know is that there is no vendetta held against our opponents, despite how bad talks got between the two of us at some points. The Dark Templar were some honorable opponents, as were their protectorates and it was a great fight with them to the end. MOON, as you will find out, was a little less forgiving and while I won't deny that some of us hold grudges, we certainly aren't about to blitz them anytime soon. ------ The terms weren't inherently bad, tech deals are a great way of reps especially when compared to the past. It's the comparision between those terms and the ones recieved by others on our side. We entered the war purely for our treaty obligations, we aren't defending the many wrong doings of the past. So you could see our distress when alliances like Valhalla and NATO recieved better terms than us, no offense to the members of those repective alliances. I understand that we didn't have the same opponents, but I would expect Karma to try and act as cohesive as possible. Four days into the war, I was approached by DT and MOON about peace terms. This was the first time they were veer talked about, we never indicated we were seeking peace. The terms were white peace from DT and 600 million reps to be delivered to MOON. I initially laughed this off and it was understood that no deal with reps would ever come to pass at this point. The next day, DT and MOON contact me again about the terms. After our complaints we filed to Karma leaders, MOON and DT revised their original proposal. They now offered white peace with an apology to MOON for nuke first striking. We rejected because we were not about to apology for something we didn't do, we have evidence that MOON was the first one to attack us. However our allies in VA and GRAN were hurting badly, so they accepted white peace after consulting us. A week into the war, SSSW18 had its fill of war. We contacting DT and MOON about peace. Both alliances seemed initially reluctant to discuss peace, it was obvious they planned to drag it out some more. However, we soon had negociations started after notifying other Karma leaders. The terms bounced around a lot, with some including reps and others including treaty cancellations. We finally came to an agreement to the current terms after heavy Karma mediation. The thread went over pretty bad and I'm disappointed in the show put on by a lot of people. It's obvious there was still a lot of tension over the terms, especially on MOON's part. I'm not here to speak for MOON though, this is just biased judgements based on the information I've been provided. ------ So there you have it for anyone who was interested. If people respond positively to this, might see some more updates on other issues I have yet to really discuss. - Jipps, signing out
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