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  1. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1298327464' post='2641009'] Exactly, you took the easy route by not attacking them. The hard route would have been attacking them... But thanks for the support... [/quote] My bad, I took your quote for "potential route" rather than course of action. Do I regret us not helping NEW full out? Somewhat. But I know I did my part, as did a number of the rest of Poison Clan's top ranks in making sure Fark got theirs for thinking they could push NEW around.
  2. EDIT: Removed. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1298323806' post='2640959'] They chose the hard route, much harder than PC's route in the NEW conflict. [/quote] Ummm... you know Fark was three times larger than Poison Clan, right? [quote name='Tautology' timestamp='1298325914' post='2640992'] RoK hit Poison Clan for pragmatic reasons. Of the 3 alliances that had declared on NpO at the time, VE had a treaty with us and some other alliances were taking on iFOK. FOK was coming in but they had strong ties to a couple of RoK's allies. By default, PC was all that was left for RoK. I know
  3. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1298308886' post='2640720'] Oh silly me, I must have missed the part where PC actually fought on NEW's behalf... [/quote] Defending NEW by official Poison Clan declaration would have spun off a global nuclear war that had no positive results. The question isn't "are the odds against Poison Clan" - because we made it clear in BiPolar that if we can convince our allies to stay out, we'll go to hell for the one that's hit unfairly. Even then, FOK came riding in (And who didn't that was an ally of \m/? Oh right - Ragnarok). The question was "what are the odds f
  4. I swear to God, if my population per mile goes over 5...
  5. Can we race FOK again for most DoW's like the last one!?
  6. Let me preface that these are my thoughts and feelings, and not that of Poison Clan. I think the overall goals and motivations for Poison Clan have changed over the course of the past two+ years, as they will (and should) for any alliance as they grow and develop, change leadership, and more. There is a long history between that of Poison Clan and \m/ that cannot be forgotten. When Poison Clan was rejected by its former allies RoK, Monos Archein, GGA, and Valhalla (not entirely, but we had a feeling you were in on it), the founders of \m/ in RAD were the only ones who opened their arms fu
  7. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1295322891' post='2579905'] Sound logic there, partnuh. GOONS, like all other alliances waiting for counters and for escalation, are cowards. Go figure. [/quote] Basic military strategy doesn't seem to resound well with some folks. Just saw your nation and alliance, Lint, need to correct my previous statement. *Little boy
  8. [quote name='Crazy Crazy' timestamp='1295321438' post='2579799'] Ok, now it is just a bit overkill. [/quote] Oh yeah, did that matter when Polar his \m/? What was that, 16 million strength vs. 2 million? [quote name='Wad of Lint' timestamp='1295318871' post='2579593'] Well, it's either GOONS are too cowardly to join, or PC are raging puppets. Take your choice. Either way, I'm glad to see that dogpiles are still acceptable. Next time I'm part of a hegemony, I'll have to remember to keep that tool in the ol' Craftsman box. [/quote] Boy got a big mouth lookin' for a fat lip.
  9. Payback never felt so good. (Except against those Phoenix fellows!)
  10. Wow, 90 days. That's really cool. Congrats on being a spectacular alliance.
  11. [quote name='ali5541' timestamp='1294682166' post='2571155'] That can go two ways. [/quote] You go both ways? That's really cool if you're: [img]http://www.hotindienews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/ali_larter.jpg[/img] Well, I hope this doesn't just end with SLCB being hilarious and SOS whining that SLCB didn't apologize well enough. What happens if I was a potato and then left the sack? Can I be fries on the side?
  12. [quote name='Vespassianus' timestamp='1293732277' post='2558390'] You had only one target in this war who was outnumbered totally (6 vs 1) and you still cry? I know why do you cry, because you started the war with like 18k infra and only 500 mil. Join GPA bro. [/quote] Seems like a recurring theme from Fark. Docmeister was sour enough being on the "winning" end to send a PM of "you suck" and to call [i]me[/i] a coward in the recent conflict. Fighting multiple targets who are dealing with six wars of their own is too hard for you? Who knew Fark's top tier was a group of little girls! If
  13. I was going to quote and respond to Roquentin, but I think it's no longer worth my time. Our philosophies will never mesh, so there is no reason to try and debate. Congratulations on successfully giving Fark the you know what they needed. [quote name='Cataduanes' timestamp='1293618847' post='2557215'] Are you saying there is no victory in this war for FARK, TPE and INT? [/quote] What is your "victory"? Did you stop a raiding alliance from raiding? Did you sustain less damage than NEW? Did you prove any sort of military prowess during this affair? Did you make a resounding statement with
  14. Proud to be a NEW soldier and fighting in their ranks this past week. Know that whatever happens, NEW, you have friends that will always be members when they are needed. I enjoyed fighting you, Fark - thanks to Wouldestous, Rodger Waldie, Docmeister, Commander Bean, Arcturus Jefferson and Ron Paul for a good fight. Hope you enjoyed the nukes and casualties as much as I did.
  15. [quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1293124940' post='2551707'] I am hopeful in the end all the rogues assisting new will get what is due to them. [/quote] [quote name='Link Gaetz' timestamp='1293068471' post='2550796'] I have to say, I admire those PCers who hopped over to NEW, despite PC's official pronouncement that they'd sit out. But, they are obviously the exception in PC, not the rule.[/quote] Rogues? How convenient to name us rogues for coming to the defense of those we call friends and allies. NEW may or may not have acted wrongly with their raid – that isn’t a topic I
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