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  1. Michiel de Ruyter is a bright light in a sea of darkness. He will guide our war machines without hesitation to our final glorious victory.
  2. I am a good example of what not to do. Don't bait the mod staff.

  3. [quote name='o ya baby' date='01 February 2010 - 11:40 AM' timestamp='1265024436' post='2150250'] Now, I wasn't going to say anything, but you are just being too now. Your number of 2,100 infra, while sounding like a lot by itself, doesn't include the fact that I'm at war with six people. [img]http://thecastlehall.com/boards/Smileys/kickass/eng101.gif[/img] 2,100/6 = 350. 350 damage a day per person on average isn't that impressive. Let's take the damage from your nuke that is basically for free and get a more accurate total on your damages. 2,100-820. 213. Now, let's go even further and take out CMs, which is also free damage! Roughly 30 infra damage each. 1,280-360. 153 average damage earned per person, through attacks that actually take skill, per day. That's two bombings from each of you, damage wise. I'm not too impressed. [img]http://thecastlehall.com/boards/Smileys/kickass/smugaqua.gif[/img] Second, it's not dumb luck that I'm prepared to counter you guys' blitzs. I actually make an effort to be here to stop them. I am fighting six opponents, all with better stats than I have. [size="6"]Six[/size]. They are all active and coordinating on me every single day, and I have managed to thwart more attacks than not overall. Not only that, I've been striking back, and being victorious in my efforts. [img]http://thecastlehall.com/boards/Smileys/kickass/finesmug.gif[/img] As for that nuking by CT nonsense, well, I'd nuke you myself but he has more tech than I do, and majority of your side's damage on me has been solely from your nukes and CMs, which is [b]free damage[/b]. Of course you guys will do more damage combined to me than I'll do to you, it's six of you attacking me at once. No, I'm not complaining, I like it this way, because I'd slaughter any nation you had in a one on one situation. You say I've lost a lot more NS than you guys, but um, you've lost 20,000 and I've lost 27,000... not that big of a difference when you're fighting three more opponents. If I add up all the losses of all the nations that I am currently at war with... there has been a net total of ~113,000 NS lost. Vs my tiny loss of 27,000... I'd say I'm definitely winning. [img]http://thecastlehall.com/boards/Smileys/kickass/smugmk.gif[/img] [/quote] Perfect way to end the TOP declaration of war.
  4. The fact that you don't have three RoK nations filling your every orifice with nukes is only a testament to their massive powers of forgiveness.
  5. If they took the time to plan that out, don't you think they'd at least save enough allies to make sure they weren't completely outnumbered?
  6. I'm missing the "I'm attacking you for no !@#$@#$ reason." sig
  7. So there was a dude. So this dude declared himself Emperor. So this dude wasn't.
  8. Because honoring a treaty with MHA is obviously a diabolical scheme to keep NSO down.
  9. Opportunism on TOP's part maybe. At any rate, it's no "accident."
  10. Don't worry. I have quite enough nukes to go around. Of course it'd be easier if he left peace mode.
  11. If you know anything about GOD, you'd know they'd rather disband over peace than war.
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