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/A\nother /A\lliance State of the Alliance


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Official State of the Alliance Announcement

Hello there wonderful nations of bob. I come to you as a born again believer. For I have seen a light that shines so bright, it blinds even a infant jesus. What does Walford bring besides blind infant jesus's. I have no idea. But I do know that The Church of Walford has found a new infectious ability to work it's way into the hearts of the corrupt, evil, overbearing idiots that is the leadership of /A\/A\.

This statement was taken from the back waters of the great state of Louisiana just earlier today:

Children of Walford, the light has chosen to shine upon /A\nother /A\lliance this night, for the Church has officially moved to /A\nother /A\lliance. This is not to say that the church is exclusive to /A\/A\ alone - all are welcome.

- Stormsend aka Mundokiir of Zircadia

Luckily no one was hurt when Joe Jean lost control of his trailer on the boat ramp. We will be repairing that bumper stop at the expense of /A\nother /A\lliance.

But /A\/A\ would like to offer a warm welcome to Stormsend aka Mundokiir. We look forward to your services.

I would also like to point out are newly acquired churches and the current number of churches we have as an alliance.


I would also like to show you our current stats. While it's not ordinary for an alliance to show you a NS push. I would like to take this time and show you our hymen bursting blow by 800k NS.


Thank you, Walford be Praised.


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You will fit well there my brother. Uber, if even one of his hair is out of place I WILL CUT YOU! Also, make sure he gets his milk and cookies every day at 3 pm. And make sure he wears clean underwear before he crosses the street.

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