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  1. This war is more idealism (aka scoring grudges against DH) than realpolitik. Half of the alliances on Equilibrium side can simply avoid this war, since the original CB had nothing to do with them, and yet gain from its result. The fact that so many disparate alliances banded together against a common foe shows how much tension was built up against DH. MK, Umbrella, TOP, etc. have much less support now than what NPO had in 2008.
  2. Needs a dramatic reading. Was going to post the exact same thing but you beat me to it
  3. What a nice euphemism for hypocrisy.
  4. Do you seriously think we're going to believe that? Not calling in our allies is virtually mass peace mode for them, since their NS goes totally untouched. If DH sees us as such a threat, there is no way that that their attitudes towards peace mode would be any different if went alone. Their current reasoning that "tons of nations have not yet seen fighting" can be extended if we went alone too.
  5. The moralist 'side', if it exists, is so fragmented and statically inferior to the tightly connected non-moralists that any future war between those sides will be an easy win for the non-moralists.
  6. As Altheus said, OsRavan acted with the best of intentions to save an ally
  7. I enjoy this further elaboration on the structuralist theory. I was at first puzzled on why you deny the existence of an 'ex-Heg' power sphere as an antithesis to CnG/SF. But as you conclude, it seems more likely that a breakup of SG will occur through peripheral, 'second tier' influences.
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