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  1. alrighty spamming thi8s in irc now too
  2. A ) join Bel Air you'd fit right in with the ridiculous and useless B ) i'm not trying to act bad@$$ and saying the truth C ) "A Whitman" ?!?!?!? (ooc) translation from retard to english please forgot B ) makes B) if not spaced
  3. hmm wonder if our conversation the other day had any influence in this anyhoo good luck man don't forget to open an embassy eh http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Righteous_Fist/
  4. so much fail in one place never thought this was possible also thanks for ruining fresh prince for the rest of CN i did like watching that show i'll give you guys a year at max won't go much farther then that guaranteed
  5. wow filling fast cmon circle 3
  6. nickmagus is awesome :P

  7. nick i love you man also can you post what the bonus resources would be so people would know what there signing up for
  8. coal and lead here lemme know
  9. coal and lead here http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=283816
  10. man more ppl need to sign up for this i really need to get my trades back in order
  11. lol i agree big gay and useless does seem to fit the purple team also no one cares about noWedge anymore quit using that idiot as a shield and make an intelligent alliance then maybe purple won't be so bad
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