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  1. Congratulations to everyone elected, but especially to Gowfanatic. May your coup be completed soon.
  2. Best of luck Merick! You did awesome Hawkeye, so enjoy the rest.
  3. I dont think anyone in The Templar Knights knows about this initiative, so im posting it up now and will keep promoting it in our alliance. Ill also be the first of my alliance to make a donation.
  4. Youre more important to TTK then you realise Salsa. Yay for this treaty, good luck to AA of AA with growing your alliance.
  5. [quote name='salsabeast1' timestamp='1357769091' post='3073354'] Forget DR-DH, we must all team up to stop the new hegemony, the New Sparta lead by sourcy. Even then he may not be stopped. [/quote] Salsa, at least wait till the cancellation period has ended before declaring that we will attack them .
  6. [quote name='sourcy' timestamp='1357762385' post='3073307'] Adding clause: "Holy Strommen Empire now owes 50 tech * duration of conflict for not taking this coup as serious as it is" [/quote] May we (TTK) pay in 50 packages of 1 tech?
  7. Since i took the effort to log in for the first time in ages to post in an other topic, i figured i should also post here because you guys are awesome. Good luck to the new and improved government.
  8. Two things that this topic learns you: - Never trust Global Protection Force or Markfrancos, they will break their word. - Never ask Ernesto to negotiate for you, he tries to get a badder deal then the other party actually wants. Good luck Bernkastel
  9. Good luck guys and enjoy retirement Silver and Abdur!
  10. Even thought we are on different sides, i wish you guys best of luck Deinos! So far 18 wars Deinos started and 18 wars that Fark started, cmon guys!
  11. [quote name='danizduhman' timestamp='1323389090' post='2869792'] Pretty sure this is not the reason. But I'm glad to know how highly you think of yourselves. [/quote] DH hasnt given any reason to think highly of them, so apparently we are just so awesome!
  12. Good to see common sense prevailed this time. With treaty partner RIA attacking treaty partner Valhalla there was no way we could enter this war on either side. Doomhouse recognized the mistake and offered white peace, a classy move.
  13. Im sad to see this treaty canceled. Best of luck to both of you, love you all.
  14. Good to see TTK growing back to Valhalla. Seriously Bud, im not ignoring you, you just always come online when im AFK.
  15. Looks awesome. I did notice you forgot a TTK - NADC PIAT. It is listed on both alliances wiki's.
  16. I didnt realise, but i joined TTK on the day that we became 5 years old. Congratulations to everyone in TTK and to those that once where a member in the past.
  17. [quote name='PotFace' timestamp='1297791238' post='2634509'] Actually, contrary to popular belief, this war involves more than just FOK and pals. Maybe you guys are just so overwhelmed with joy as far as this victory goes that you've forgotten this. This war is nothing more than the largest-scale tech raid in the history of Bob. For you guys to declare white peace like you have - is inconsistent with the purpose behind this war. Naturally someone has to do it so that someone won't be as dirty when they climb out of the trenches.... however, if you guys plan on using this once instance as PR to improve the worldview of the logic behind FOK's support of this war, you are sadly mistaken. At this point, it really doesn't matter if you guys offered white peace or not - you're still the aggressors. Now, if you don't understand THAT, then I'm afraid that you just can't be helped. [/quote] I must agree with FOK and iFOK, what youre saying doesnt make any sense in this situation. All peace so far dont have reps, they might go ask it from Polaris, but that is logical as they view Polaris as the reason this war has started. At the moment there is just the DT issue, but that is totally unrelated to these alliances and is a stupid high amount of reps that shouldnt even be asked at all but you cant blame that on the alliances we were at war with.
  18. Thanks iFOK and Athens, it was great fun fighting against you! Hail Agryraccoon Hail Londo Mollari Hail WickedJ Hail Spaarlamp Hail Ryxeria Fighting you 5 actually made the boring wars in CN fun and i thank you guys for that. Also hail to Riftear, Tech9, Starschwar and Omgitseriin for the effort they did fighting.
  19. Tomorrow we might have a new number 1, GRL!
  20. As the Doomhouse is a separate war (CB has nothing to do with this war and its all new alliances), shouldnt there be a new topic made for the Doomhouse - NPO war?
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