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Foreign Affairs Dispatch from the New Pacific Order


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The New Pacific Order hereby announces our protection of the Brotherhood of Nod.

New Pacific Order-Brotherhood of Nod Protectorate Agreement

Article I. Non-aggression

Both parties agree not to commit hostile acts towards one another. They shall furthermore not support indirect hostile acts towards one another, which includes aiding and politically supporting parties in war with the other party.

Article II. Preferential Tech Deals

Both parties agree that the Brotherhood of Nod shall prioritize tech dealing to the New Pacific Order. It shall sell tech to the New Pacific Order at a rate of 3 million francos for 100 tech. This tech trade shall be managed by a representative of the New Pacific Order.

Article III. Intelligence and Consultation

Neither party shall engage in espionage against one another, furthermore, should either party have information pertinent to the security of the other alliance they shall provide said intelligence to the other party immediately. The Brotherhood of Nod shall consult with and seek approval for all major foreign relations decisions with the Emperor of the New Pacific Order or his authorized representative. Major foreign relations are defined as declarations of war, aiding of alliances currently in conflict or in a situation which would create a difficult situation, and signing of treaties.

Article IV. Protection

The New Pacific Order shall defend the Brotherhood of Nod so long as it executes all other parts of this treaty. The Brotherhood of Nod is encouraged to help the New Pacific Order in any conflict it requests.

Article V. Amendment and Withdrawal

The New Pacific Order or the Brotherhood of Nod shall reserve the right to amend this treaty by mutual consent. Either party may leave this treaty with 7 days notice. It is expected that if this treaty is cancelled the outstanding orders under Article II be fulfilled.


For the New Pacific Order

Emperor Revenge

Divine Bovine Overlord of the New Pacific Order

Moo-cows with guns

Moo-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to $%&@ With

VektorZero, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

For the Brotherhood of Nod

XxSnipezxX, Kane Of Nod

AllenKalashnikov, Kane's Right Hand

JasonAldean, Sec of State

rrraul, Head Diplomat

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I can't believe they're allowing Vektor to announce anything. Anyway, congratulations Nod? Haven't seen Pacific taking protectorates in awhile. Nod and that other one are their current ones. I know they took EU and Mafia almost a year ago. Whatever. Nothing to see here really.

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