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Kashmir Disbranding

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Gentlemen (not ladies):


In honor of today being April 20, (4/20), I want to announce that by May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), 2028, alliance "KASHMIR" will be completely Carbon Neutral!


Sports teams around the world pushing to be climate neutral

(Pictured: master hakai squishing dirt against a dandelion flower)


It is also my great pleasure too announce the 2022 "Kashmir awards" this is an honor bestowed upon those who have worked tiredlessly to make this great alliance even greater than the greatest alliance your greatest imaginations could imagine. Obviously, thing would be in a much worse state without these individuals so I would like to provide each of you reading the opportunity to celebrate with me these unsung heroez as we recognize their efforts.


See the source image

(Pictured: just one of the few esteemed individuals who do not understand or appreciate kashmir's dominance in the world of cybernation.)






Serberus of The State




Many of you might not even know who Serberus is, and if that is you I feel bad for you son. "Serb" as he affectionally refers to himself, is the most effective recruiter in cybernations today. He is the reason Kashmir perpetually has ALMOST 69 members, and when we do reach the blessed number, there will be a celebration like none you have ever seen before. Frankly, it would have happened years ago if it were not for the fact 1 of every 3 new nations created goes inactive within 3 days, 1 declares war on doom wolves or npo, only leaving the 3rd to stay and become a productive memembebr of society. Congratulations, Serberus, you've earned it.



2. The "Sick Names Generator" Award


SupaSural of SuralTopia (Bert.)




BERT sometimes organizes trade circles and tech deals, but one thing we have all learned to count on is that this gentelemen is able to crank out some of the best alliance name suggestions you have ever heard of, one after another, for days on end, nonstop, without fail, and every single one is an absolute home-run, 10/10, perfect alliance name. Nobody knows how he does it, we're just along for the ride. Boom, roasted.


3. "Bigfoot" Award


SirWilliam of Blissfields




Much like bigfoot, our good friend SirWilliam is EXTREMELY hard to find if you are looking for him. Butt, when you least expect it he will run past your campsite, leaving only enough time to snap (MAYBE) one blurry photo, and absolutely wrecking everything in his path, before disappearing again indefinitely. He is enigmatic, he is creepy, and he is a legend that only those who have witnessed it personally can understand.


5. The "Been In Discord Forever but never responds" Awared


1naruto9 of Fire Burning




The title is self-explanatory, but I will explain irregardlessly: 1naruto9 has always been in Kashmir discord, but has never said anything. He/she is a Kashmir staple and we would be lost without him/her.


6. The "Master Debater" Award


Ninja R of The Danzig Republic




Love him or like him a lot, there is no denying the ability he possesseth to start a debate, engage in a debate, or drag on a debate longer than anyone else would have liked to. Also he has oscar the grouch emoji, so


9. The "Excellence in Leadership Management Official (ELMO)" Award


Jason8 of Waldo




When he wants to, Jason8 gets things done. He is a proficient, proactive professional and does not shy away from "HARD" work. When Jason8 came marching up to Kashmir's doorstep, the alliance was simply a husk; a shell of its former glory. Within hours, Jason8 had boosted our status to #1 alliance in cybernations not only currently, but in the history of everything, which we still boast to this day. Praise be!


22. The "Trout" Award


Lambaso of Lambo Lambo Lambo






23. The "Cancun" Award


Tanglerat of Tir Mor

Caspase of Amino Acids




Unlike some senators, these two would never run away from their problems. Both have actively and faithfully served as BROWN TEAM senators and done everything asked of them (I think). They deserve an award, a raise, and a gourmet hot dog topped with pico de gallo and fresh (never frozen) avocado.


25. The "He still here" Award


Sabcat of Sabcat Island




He still here.





Once again, congratulations to each of the winners of this year's kashmire awards! Slap the host on your way out, and don't forget to keep my weiss name outcha doggone mouth!!!


See the source image


We'll see you next month when we attack independent riliance of orangutang nations

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Gosh, I didn't write a speech, I'm going to cry ... first, I have to thank God and  Kashmir for this beautiful award. And congratulations to the other award winners as well as everyone else in Kashmir. I feel the love in this forum this night.

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Hakai is the only ruler whose posts you can truly enjoy even though you painfully hate him with passion.


(You don't really need to painfully hate him with passion, but if you do you can still...

etc, let's not be too didactic.)

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41 minutes ago, jerdge said:

Hakai is the only ruler whose posts you can truly enjoy even though you painfully hate him with passion.


(You don't really need to painfully hate him with passion, but if you do you can still...

etc, let's not be too didactic.)

Don’t make me fight you for two days again

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You forgot the most important award



Master Hakai


For always being the best he can be, especially when he can't be the best.  But always when he is the best.



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21 hours ago, Master Hakai said:

Don’t make me fight you for two days again

You're only jealous.

I didn't take part in the actual fighting with Kushmir but the rest was pretty a good experience.

We can have nice things and still and stuff.

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