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  1. I do not see HOOooooOOH on this and therefore question it's accuracy.** I also reject the esteemed @Levonscott's notion of "friendship" and "mutual cooperation" and move that we start to trend more towards aggression and destruction. This is more in line with my motivation for playing this game and therefore should be all of yours as well. **I kid. Even if the game is a shadow of what it once was, this is good work.
  2. I dunno, but @firinglinefeels that this thread should end, which means that I have work to do ...
  3. @firingline said that this thread should die, so I'm doing my part to keep it going. Note: I have not read 90% of this, but ... HOORAY for the people I like. BOO for the people I do not. MEH for the people I am neutral on.
  4. I have been summoned to a thread that I was paying zero attention to. My presence has now made it relevant. Carry on.
  5. I do not see a Discord server in this post.
  6. Had to wait for that blood pressure to drop, apparently.
  7. I have stumbled into your Discord server. You're welcome.
  8. Giggity. Nuking me is similar to a dopamine rush. It's science. You ... do realize just how long that line is and how many years it has been growing, yeah?
  9. Just ... trying to make this thread officially about HOOooooOOH.
  10. You forgot @Velocity who also has dual membership. Shame on you.
  11. You wound me, sir. * I saw this too, but didn't let it get in the way of my faux outrage.
  12. Can a war start over this? Asking for a friend. Also:
  13. What part of "when you least expect it" do you not understand?
  14. Are you dying inside? Knowing that this should have been another announcement for you? I understand your pain.
  15. So many potential announcements! Also: I can't help but notice that my nation is missing from this so called "protectorates" list.
  16. I am not some trophy to be passed around, sir.
  17. Slow down, SW! You're one more announcement away from UFP status!
  18. Those GIFs look so familiar ... like I've seen them somewhere before ...
  19. I can do you one better. I can make an official announcement that you have requested an official announcement. I will then proceed to make said official announcement in a separate announcement.
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