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    Defcon 1 DOE

    Winner, right here. Hear hear! 😮
  2. jerdge

    Moon Hotspot

    Thank you and yes, &lat=2.99999999&lon=-136 is the right one.
  3. jerdge

    How is this place still alive?

    @Luckao and @Sardonic? What is this, I tought we were in 2019! I also had and have my theories but honestly... Yawn. @AlmightyGrub : "pay to play" was topped by "when blatant cheaters get caught call it 'witch-hunt'". The - already feeble - remaining credibility of this game went down the toilet many many years ago. Luckily I was away when it happened, I know that that helped me save a lot of my time. All of this said, this game is for free, Admin is free to do with it whatever he's pleased with. I don't give a damn about it and about him.
  4. jerdge

    I shall take my leave now

    "The true purpose of this game" was for each player to choose, I thought that a venerable veteran like you had realized this many years ago. (I say "was" because I can't bring myself to consider this a game anymore, to me it's a mausoleum.)
  5. jerdge

    Moon Hotspot

    Also late thank you and confirmation here.
  6. jerdge

    I shall take my leave now

    Congratulations for having explored the limits of what could be done statistically with a Cyber Nation, you have been a master in optimizing stuff and in getting the most out of all the game mechanics. Definitely one of the best players in that field, if not the very best one. You've also been more than decent in CN politics when it still meant something, good job on that too. When it came to discussing the game with me and others you've mostly been a jerk - not always, I'll give that to you - but honestly... it actually didn't mean anything: it's always been inconsequential as Admin didn't actually care. At all. I'd bury that hatchet but I forgot long ago where I put it. Yawn. Goodbye and good luck, I wish you all the best for your RL, especially for your family. Take care.
  7. jerdge

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Iced ghosts and forgotten illusions. (I'm talking of CN.)
  8. jerdge

    The Lion joins the Freehold

    Congrats to anyone that still manages to have enough people that show up to fill the deputy-something positions.
  9. jerdge

    How is this place still alive?

    You may like him or not but Grub is consistent, nothing lessened in him.
  10. jerdge

    Moon Hotspot

    I also confirm it. Disclaimer: when I moved my Moon Wonders this board had just went down - as it's not a direct copy-paste there's a slight chance that I am quoting the wrong code (but I think it's correct).
  11. jerdge

    How is this place still alive?

    Except maybe Hakai wasn't talking of the number of players? While at macro level your reasonings about activity, seniority etc are largely correct (IMHO), at micro level it's still possible to have areas ("islands") of activity and engagement, and it's probably true that Oculus stands in the way of these islands of activity, "unnecessarily" making difficult for them to play and to enjoy the game in an environment open to possibilities. (I say "probably" because I didn't really pay any attention to it.) The one thing that could probably help this game to (at least) allow the active minority (which is out there) to still have some fun, would be the disbandment of all the ancient alliances that aren't doing anything anymore, but which are still statistically significant. (Yeah, the GPA could disband too, I'd actually welcome it... on the other hand the GPA is definitely not part of what renders CN this stale.)
  12. jerdge

    How is this place still alive?

    Hey Myth! Even those that still pay any attention to anything don't really care anymore, not even just to complain about anything. Kevin decided to reward seniority over everything else and to look the other way about a lot of bad stuff. And here we are. Who cares, anyway.
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    Can you catch Asperger's?
  14. jerdge

    Frozen Orange juice

    Ah OK... 🙂
  15. jerdge

    Frozen Orange juice

    I am not known for being infallible or all-understanding, but I am known for being willing to explain things to people that apparently didn't understand stuff. What about you?
  16. jerdge

    Frozen Orange juice

    Historically it's been "right" to go into a war only when the attackers were convinced that they would have won it, or that it was inevitable anyway. Or my memory is flawed. Age etc.
  17. jerdge

    Dear God I hate discord!

    According to my limited experience of Discord it doesn't support hierarchy much. A bunch of unordered channels with sparse new comments here and there is not my idea of a useful medium for discussions. Maybe it would have worked better when we had many active members. Or maybe I just don't know Discord. (Now that I think of it, the learning curve for people that in general progressively reduced their CN time for years is an issue too.)
  18. jerdge

    Dear God I hate discord!

    IMO Discord is a good tool for real time discussions, i.e. what we used to do on IRC in old times. As a repository of documents or a reference of any kind, and to host discussions that aren't urgent and that instead would benefit from the participation of more members, Discord is simply totally inadequate, IMO.
  19. jerdge

    Dear God I hate discord!

    GPA. We make no decisions and we discuss very little, but the little we discuss happens on the forums, AFAIK (but note that I very rarely frequent Discord).
  20. jerdge

    Positive Menstrual Attitude

    I meant that being allowed to speak was the reward for kissing the boots, in other words you seemed to be talking of a reward in exchange for kissing the boots. As it came out that it's just a metaphor the whole point is moot, anyway. Too bad that no actual kissing was involved!
  21. jerdge

    Positive Menstrual Attitude

    Now I don't want to sound naughty or anything, but if you have to reward people to have them kiss your boots you're doing it wrong.
  22. jerdge

    The Nordic Cactuar Accords, Part Deux

    What Does Keysariyt Mean, anyway? (I enjoyed the titles.)
  23. jerdge

    The Real Issue facing CN

    He allows people to freely play it for free, though.
  24. jerdge

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    Avakael, goodbye and good luck in your RL endeavours. The negative remarks were probably in bad taste but I am not sure that they were that bad... unless the issue isn't because of RL Avakael himself but rather in defence of Kashmir's reputation, in which latter case I am totally neutral on the issue.
  25. jerdge

    Joint Declaration FTW

    To be honest we're not hostile because we deeply @#&#036ing love you all to the last one. All. Of. You. (when we're awake, at least)