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Joint Declaration FTW

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Oh, Hi there Bob. Peaking over my shoulder are you? So naughty, I think you need a spanking. 

But that will have to wait. Someone else has been much more naughtier. Making grevious insults towards me and my family. That's why I drew up this brilliant plan. You see when the bullet goes in he says ouchie! Because bullets hurt. Genius right? Yep, that is why you don't mess with mine. You'll force me to go maximum effort!

I got some friends coming in to help too! Good people. Strong on family values. And today, omg I'm so exicted, today we put my plan in action! 


FTW declares war on COBRA.
CLAWS declares to assist FTW.
SNX declares to assist FTW.
(If it the CB isn't clear - GK been talkin mad dumb !@#$ for a while now. He's been asking for it, now he's gonna get it.)


Some people seem to be under the impression this war was about a singular insult alone. It is not. "Mad dumb !@#$ for a while" also extends to GK's attempt to undermine our relationship with IRON a few weeks back gravedigging that thread and trying to call us out for not defending IRON against NG. Of course, I had offered our assistance but IRON declined help from all allies and as such, none of us were helping. Why did GK single us out? Because he has a grudge against us. Since we agreed to peace months ago when Kashmir/COBRA vs FTW war he has antagonized us multiple times making it clear he holds a grudge and would take opportunities to undermine us. I can only assume he would have taken part in rolling us the first chance he got as well, I have no doubt in my mind he among other COBRA members would love to do so

Although even had a stranger had made those insults upon meeting us, I very well might have attacked them as well. In COBRA's case it was just one more incident of aggression towards us from an alliance that had run my patience dry. In the case of friends insulting us, obviously those would be good natured so let's not compare it to that.

Do not mistake evidence of their latest transgression as the entire CB. There is a reason I said "For a while now" and "He's BEEN asking for it"

It was a mistake on my part not to explain this in detail at the start. Apologies for any confusion it may have caused.

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31 minutes ago, CrinkledStraw said:

Canik offered up some targets: 




Happy hunting!

You'll be our Justin Timberlake ❤️

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20 minutes ago, General Kanabis said:


am pretty stupid, I'll acquiesce, but my stupidity has nothing to do with this.

Don't lie to the community.


lol no your stupidity is the primary cause for the conflict here. If you had not stupidly insulted us again and again, generally with no provocation what-so-ever, even when we joined your side of a war, you took the opportunity to talk !@#$ about us here on the OWF. The $%&@ you think this is about?

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1 hour ago, Canik said:

Yeah you got no room to talk GK when you got people 66k NS with only 13 million being rolled thanks to your own stupidity.


I picked a winner with that one. 

(And to be accurate, they started off at 74k NS)



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52 minutes ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

This war coalition of iSX and Claws- many of whom were ex-DK, makes me chuckle... oh and Canik



It's ok, I'm the glue that's holding this together......

OK we're boned.

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