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A joint announcement from the Lion of Africa and the Ass of Pisa

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The Zulu Empire and the Screaming Red Asses are

friends -- one will not shoot or throw a spear at the


Should one friend wish for diplomatic, economic or

military aid from the other, the request shall be given

consideration most favorable -- most favorable indeed!


So it is written, so it shall be:



Edited by Walshington
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HiLow It is I Ubuntu the Great The Lion of Africa, King of the Zulu Alliance, Father of the nation, Chieftain of the Zulu Empire, king of Kings, The Benevolent and magnificent, Most holy of all holy men,  Most High General Commander of the Generals of the Army and Air Forces, Admiral of the High Seas Fleets, Hero of Heros, Bravest of the Brave, Supreme judge of the courts, The vessel of the Knowledge, Holder and Wisdom of the Universe, Provider of health and prosperity to the peoples, Educator of the nation, master of all animals great and small, ruler of as far as the eye can see, wise as the owl, swift as the coursing river, sleek as the gazelle, strength of the lion, mysterious as the dark side of the moon, the most benevolent, kind, Teacher of Nations, the Most High, Fearless and Honorable,  gods hand on planet Bob, scourge of the wicked, and protector of the good. King of Kings. The Zulu  and the Screaming Red Ass people have truely formed a great bond of friendship with this official documentation. I have long been friend of Mr Walsh the Beloved from my early days on Bob. He is the great designer of the Zulu flag. Longtime friend of Ubuntu and now our peoples are most friendly indeed. The red ass shall lie with the Lion and the rightous shall rejoice in celebration. The evil of Bob shall quake as they see a screaming red assed Zulu warrior chasing the demons on Bob with a icklwa.  He shall say oh my goodness that screaming red assed Zulu warrior shoved  a icklwa up my evil buttocks! This is how it should be. The innocents of the world do not fear for this treaty has given the world another union of friendship amoungst the good peoples of Bob. The evil shall hide in the shadows shaking in fear as they see red assed lions. Fear not the rightous for you may rest easier knowing that this treaty of friendship has been signed in your lifetime. It will be chiseled into stone and written and spoken all over the world  and shown in the sky above that of this magnificent  goodness shall indeed prevail as was prophisied long ago in the time way back by the great prophet me. So it is written. So it shall be!

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I'm definitely loving that flag! It's awesome! I hope that the Thunderbolts over the Serengeti Friendship Treaty lasts a very long time. Great job to everyone involved who made it possible to happen.

And happen it will.  Long-time fan of Ubuntu, and have always supported the Zulu. 


While Ubuntu may seem overtly inclined towards himself, in terms of greatness...


...he's right!  :awesome:

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