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Helghan Empire DoE

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                                                                               Helghan Empire








We are a powerful Helghast based group (note; I have seen one other Helghast based group we are unrelated we have ran our group off of the psn for three years, and are simply moving to CN add Miasaints_gf_1 on psn for confirmation of this.) 

We are supportive and fun loving and have been working with Invicta who was kind enough to support us this long and will be signing a protectorate with Invicta soon aswell. I am hoping to enjoy my time working with everyone, and because I am new would love helpful comments if you have them thanks!   :)   P.S. Forums are here: http://Autarchstahl.wix.com/helghan-empire


                                                Grazie, Autarch Stahl.

(p.s. saw other helghast groups funny how they run on PC and not PS3?) 

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Invicta and Helghan Empire, as a continuation of their mutual efforts to foster neighborliness and friendship between their two Red Sphere alliances, agree to the following terms of protection.

Article One: Sovereignty
Invicta recognizes Helghan Empire as a sovereign alliance. As such, Invicta and Helghan Empire respect each other's sovereign territories and commit to mutual development of one another's alliances.

Article Two: Protection
Helghan Empire is under the protection of Invicta. Invicta agrees to defend Helghan Empire in the event Helghan Empire is attacked without provocation. Invicta and Helghan Empire agree, however, to consider pursuing a diplomatic resolution before committing military resources to a response. Helghan Empire reserves the right, but is not obligated, to come to the aid of Invicta should Invicta become involved in conflict. Intervention may also be rendered in the form of diplomatic support, financial aid, or public statements of support, or any combination thereof.

Article Three: Tech Deals
Helghan Empire agrees to participate in tech deals with Invicta nations, with assistance from Invicta's finance personnel, on Invicta's forums.

Article Four: Advisor
Invicta shall dispatch from its government an advisor to assist in the development of Helghan Empire. The advisor shall act as Invicta's ambassador and facilitate communication between the two governments.
Additionally, all treaties proposed to or by Helghan Empire mandating mutual defense or stronger stipulations must receive approval from Invicta government prior to going into effect, by way of the signature of the advisor and either the President, Vice President, or Secretary of State of Invicta.

Article Five: Evaluation
This pact shall last for 90 days, after which time Invicta and Helghan Empire shall review this treaty. A ten-day grace period shall exist during the review, after which this treaty expires and a new treaty shall come into effect, if one is agreed to. Should either side wish to end this pact within 90 days, advance notice of 72 hours is required.

Signed for Invicta,
Ellis, President
Learz, Vice President, Savior of the Brony Empire, Champion of the Rich, and King of the Chocolate Wall
President Gunn of Acturea, Secretary of Never using Protection, Sr. DMoFA
Contra, Minister of War
King William, Minister of Finance
~King Biscuit, Sr. Deputy of Paperwork
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nascar's DOM

Jorost of the Crownlands, Lord Protector of Invicta
rotty, Viceroy
Ekaterina Anastasia Kurae Romanova, Shadow Chief of Staff, Dominatrix of the Helghan Empire
Thrash, Minister of No

King Hobbs, Adviser to Helghan Empire

Signed for the Helghan Empire,
Stahl- Autarch and leader of the Helghan Empire
Viper1210 - Main Supreme Court Justice

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Also as for these others, they run off pc afraid of the ps3 community, and I dont recognize their "alliances"

Lol, considering I've personally ran two separate Helghast Theme alliances. I'm insulted.

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