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Recognition of Hostilities (A message from your local militia. )


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For roughly a year The III Percent has lived off the land our creator has provided with no interference from the lunacy that plaques most civilization’s.

A lot of that has to do with our friendship with the oldest alliance who inhabits the planet.

GATO has been a class act offering our unique breed an  ODP  treaty with a full protection clause in the event we fell victim to such lunacy.

What have they asked for in return? Nothing!!

Pursuant our ODP with GATO. Article 2 Subsection 3.

"No F@ucking Way,  Not on our watch"


At this time every III Percent Citizen has been armed and issued our exclusive brand SPF 28 Sunblock.



* Holy Shit, The III Percent came topside and declared war on SUN *


Captain ( It was good enough for Kirk) Freelancer
Lightning Jack
Crask Mann
Chairmen Xiao

The OOC Q & A

I'm going to be a little busy and won't have time to answer the normal trollish remarks & questions, so let me bang out a few I know will be asked.

(Q)Why Sun and not USN, given your own admission years ago that Cora is on your bucket list.

(A) I actually consider SUN a viable threat to the Infrastructure of cities residing under the GATO domain, and in times of war you have to prioritize  

(Q) Sun is a 60 man alliance your 17 with 7 nations in peace mode, what are you going to do ?

(A) As much as we can, this is what we do and were pretty good at it, yes some of us our a little rusty and out of practice ( myself included ) should make for some interesting surrender terms don't yea think ?

While were on that subject if at any time a citizen of SUN cannot withstand the horrors your about to receive, feel free to acknowledge your intentions to surrender and join The GATO POW AA.

The Camp Commandant is Roland Deschain  , you'll find him fair and just and if you follow the rules ( no tunnel digging ), you'll receive 3 meals a day, a warm cot and depending on his mood a bed time story.

That said, I'm out I've got an alliance's will to crush !

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Thank you guys, nice to fight alongside of you as well.


Also, please have fun destroying the guy with 16k infra and 82m in his warchest. I'm jealous!


If your speaking of the Malibu Ranger, I would guess that right about now he's learning a valuable lesson about a solid backed by gold and silver monetary system, that's a system that promotes saving unlike a fiat currency most our accustom to.

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As always, good luck to my friends and allies in SUN :)

ETA: That in no way means there is any ill will towards III%, you guys made an honorable decision. Have fun.

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