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STA Declaration of War


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[center][b][size=24pt]Declaration of War[/size][/b][/center]
[center]It's been two long years since STA has fought in a war. We've enjoyed our slumber, but lately we've been restless. When global war broke out last week, we paid close attention, and sadly, we have allies fighting on opposite sides of the war. It's a position no alliance wants to be in, and we don't relish it. We do, however, relish the opportunity to defend an ally. TPF was attacked a couple days ago by four alliances. Tonight, we fight for our friends in TPF. 
We recognize that some of the alliances fighting TPF are aligned with our friends in UPN. The treaty web is a tangled mess, and sometimes you just have to do what is necessary. We love you UPN, and we're sorry for the position you're in.[/center]
[center][b]The Siberian Tiger Alliance declares war on North Atlantic Defense Coalition. [/b][/center]
[center][size=14pt][size=12pt][i]Za Sibir![/i][/size][/size][/center]
[i]Tygaland[/i], [b]Supreme Chancellor[/b]
[i]Pezstar[/i], [b]Chancellor[/b]
[b]Consilium Tigris[/b]
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