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  1. Odd to think of how old those memories are. Best of luck Franz.
  2. I hope all is well in the other realm. Godspeed sir.
  3. Give it time. Jon Snow seems happy with his choice to bend the knee
  4. Congrats to both of us. Looking forward to a long lasting partnership.
  5. Amossio, that's a name I haven't seen since LoSS. *waves*
  6. That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Here's to hoping a little bit of drama unfolds into additional activity into the political world.
  7. My thoughts exactly. The CoaLUEtion rises. I wonder if Legion will join ranks with CnG soon. Legion-GATO-ODN sure do have a long history together.
  8. Good luck to the 2nd best GoT-themed alliance on Planet Bob. May you brave the long winter. If one leaves the Night's Watch, is the penalty death? If so, I imagine that the rest of the realm needs to be sure to enforce these laws to help keep the North safe and stable.
  9. I do enjoy munching on my popcorn in the corner, but I am curious as to what Junka's plan is moving forward? How do you wish to use your sphere of influence/gain more influence/change what kind of influence you have in order to affect your surrounding landscape? Also, we need more of these 34 page threads.
  10. Of course! I am proud to be flying the flag of Freehold within my nation. A great group of men and women that I am proud to call my brothers and sisters. Join The Freehold today!
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