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A History of the Realm and a more Righteous Future

The Zigur

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"Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king."

-- Tywin Lannister




The world has devolved considerably in my absence. It took years for the old hegemony to be overthrown, and what has followed the Karma War? Recklessness, irresponsibility and destruction. Vox Populi was formed from the remnants of alliances crushed by the Mad Emperor to combat oppression, but what followed was not what many of us had hoped for.




In the beginning, the hegemony was not such a bad thing. Pacifica had forged the realm from the ruins of a thousand nations that had stood against her. A few neutral alliances and rebel strongholds remained, but most had bent the knee before the NPO. Guided by the strong philosophy of Francoism, the world experienced a golden age under Pacifican rule... so long as you didn't stand against it. It was Pacifica that defeated the lulz and brought order into the world, and helped influence such traditions as the Casus Belli and legalistic agreements. These practices contributed to prosperity and global stability.




But the good times would not last. At the very peak of Pacifica's might, the Mad Emperor Revenge took the sigil of a cow and inherited the throne. Abandoning the pretense of preserving global stability and following Francoist doctrines, the Mad Emperor waged countless wars of aggression. Stories were whispered of how he brought the family of defeated leaders before his throne to be burned alive as his men watched silently. After his public enemies were all killed and driven underground, he began to turn on his allies, and alienated Pacifica's ancient Polar allies in the Far North.




With these excesses, Vox Populi was formed to combat the cruelty of the Mad Emperor and his many minions. Growing from a group of EZI'd ex-alliance leaders like myself, the organization grew to represent the silent will of the international community in standing against the oppression and instability Revenge had wrought upon the realm. Although the military damage dealt was minimal, for the first time the Order could not find a way to crush this enemy, and their image of absolute power began to shatter in the minds of the masses. The reign of the Mad Emperor would only last another thirteen months. "Nuke them all, nuke them all" he was reported to have repeated in his last days of power.




With the hegemony shattered by the Karma War, the question was now who would assume the reigns of power. It was a time of instability and fear, but there was no place for leaders like myself with the world in ruins. I left for three years and left the realm to sort out it's own problems. Unfortunately, no one was bold enough to challenge the might of the Mushroom Kingdom, and so a period of irresponsible governorship began based on the "lulz."




For three long years the mushrooms ruled the realm, and yet they were far less competent than their predecessors. Lacking any core philosophy, they struck out wildly against their enemies, and sought only to preserve their seat of power fearing a resurgent Pacifica. They were never able to bury their enemies in the end despite the power they held, and global stability and the good of the realm was the last thing on their minds.




With my return to the realm, I began to observe the decadence and undisciplined leadership that had befallen the realm over the last few years. Talking to dozens of people, I began to learn the true extent of decay our world has suffered. The last straw was dealing with their government the night before their disbandment. With the advent of Mushqaeda, I exercised all the influence I had to see to their destruction when they threatened global instability for one last time.




With the destruction of the Mushroom Dynasty complete, and all of their descendants put to the sword, we now enter a new era. The coming war is inevitable, but the question is what sort of global leadership will follow? Will we see a new golden age of principled leadership, a respect for neutrality and micro alliances, and a desire to protect global stability? Or will we see more undisciplined governance and a lack of core values?




The secret to a good empire is an inherent desire to see the realm prosper despite any personal qualms or interests. A good man will always place the interests of his family and his commitments first. Every action he takes as a leader should be calculated to protect and promote these interests. His decisions should set an example for others to emulate, and generally promote peace and stability. Without a core philosophy that embraces order and commitment, the next ruling entity will be as much a failure as the previous ones.

Edited by Tywin Lannister
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Only revolution can turn the world back to what it once was.


A revolution in leadership, I think. The world has been through alot these past few years. It's time for some stern, old school leadership to bring back peace and prosperity.


You know all I saw was the title and thought, "sweet, someone from the Realm of the Rose" wrote out a RP description for their history."


Complete let down :(


I'm not a Tyrell, I'm a Lannister.

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A revolution in leadership, I think. The world has been through alot these past few years. It's time for some stern, old school leadership to bring back peace and prosperity.

The current leadership has failed and it is time for it to be removed and be replaced with more effective leadership.

Edited by Loki Laufeyson
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The issue I have with the story is your thought that Vox Populi had a single goal in mind. Talking to many former Voxians, this is completely untrue. Many did not even care what happened after Karma. 


Trust me, Vox Populi was like a herd of cats, which is why I eventually left. The only thing we had in common was a desire to fight the Hegemony, but with all the great minds involved, it was more than enough.

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"With the advent of Mushqaeda, I exercised all the influence I had to see
to their destruction when they threatened global instability for one
last time."


So a reincarnate comes back gives a basic history lesson and takes the credit for solving a situation that happens on a regular basis, seems the incarnation has degenerated.

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