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  1. If you can just force another 8400 nations out of CN, everyone will be in range!!!!!!
  2. Infiltrate TOP. We share lots of crap down with the members. Thing is, no one gives a heck.
  3. I agree with 1-4. DBDC is essentially an organized group of rogues. I'm not sure their impact will last. It could, or it could fade. No doubt they are having a significant impact today. Its just not clear to me it will persist sufficiently to say "It changed Bob". I don't think GATO can qualify as 5th. While presenting a foil for NPO, they were subdued with massive force each time. Their impact today is minimal, and it seems like any alliance could have taken their place. I don't even know that any alliance has had near the influence on Bob as the first 4, so I might just leave
  4. Clearly we need another IRON stats brag thread to see if the TOP-IRON rivalry is over. :war: Nice fighting everyone.
  5. I jumpstarted this a bit as a tech seller by paying 600tech for donations. I think I had at least 3 of them. The current $30 donation resets wonder timer, so 2 wonders at once.
  6. I find CN to be generally a depressing time suck. A world filled with a-holes screwing each other over again and again, in a constant time-loop where all that changes is who is doing the screwing and who is taking it up the bum. And then those few who never do the screwing but stand around waiting to be all honorable and get more frequent butt-sex. (looking at you, RIA)
  7. Dulra blowing up RP does serve another agenda too. It reminds the doombirds of the kind of damage they can expect if they ever come calling on OBR.
  8. THat is too much micro man. Too much work and mental energy. Bob is not worth it.
  9. When I was a tech seller, oh, 18 months ago or so, I was able to get 9M/100 from some buyers. I was met with a lot of skepticism, but when I sold them on "Hey, I'm very reliable, and 9M/100 that you just get without needing to send reminders is worth more then 6M/200 if you never get the tech and have to go talk to someone's IA guy to sort out problems", they usually coughed it up.
  10. It would be interesting if it escalated. WTF is a deep alliance. While the battle may mostly involve its top guys, they have a lot of nations in mid tier too. And in a way, losing your NS fighting neutrals is like losing your NS in a black hole, it doesn't matter. You don't gain an edge over an adversary when you lose NS that way. So, I don't see that happening.
  11. I don't think WTF is asking for any help. Also, I can't solve the WTF captcha, TrendMicro says your Captcha provider is dangerous and won't let it display, and I can't understand the audio well enough to enter it.
  12. I am pleased to hear there is conversation at least. I'm also glad to hear WTF wants to win. I don't think the odds are in their favor unless a large number of DBDC haters join up with them.
  13. I really don't understand this thread. Pacifica is by no means the world dictator. Last war they led, they tried to shield their allies on the other side of the coalition they led, and they got rolled next war for doing it. Pacifica operates within the same rules as all major alliances, and is bound by the same norms of behavior as everyone else.
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