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ODN-Atlas Protectorate


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ODN-Atlas Protectorate

In the spirit of good will, prosperity, and the pursuit of friendship, the
Orange Defense Network and Atlas, do hereby recognize this protectorate
agreement as official and agree to all terms and conditions therein,
and recognize that Atlas shall be a protectorate of the Orange Defense
Network until such a time that Atlas can stand independently as a
sovereign alliance.

Article I - Non-Aggression, Espionage & Conduct

Neither the Orange Defense nor Atlas shall engage in any kind of military
aggression or espionage against one another. Members of the Orange
Defense Network, and members of Atlas shall show respect and courtesy
towards one another, including positive attitude on the CN forums as
well as all other public means of communication towards third parties.

Article II - Economic Cooperation

The Orange Defense Network will assist Atlas in building a healthy economy
through reasonable means. Additionally, the Orange Defense Network and
Atlas shall give preference to one another in any buying or selling of
technology through official alliance programs.

Article III - Protection & Military Aid

As a protectorate of the Orange Defense Network, Atlas shall be provided
with military, political and economic assistance by the aforementioned
alliance. Most importantly, Atlas shall be defended by the Orange
Defense Network from tech raiders, rogues and wars of aggression. Atlas
reserves the right to come to the Orange Defense Network's aid in the
event that the ODN is involved in a military conflict with a third

Article IV - Intelligence and Consultation

Should either the Orange Defense Network, or Atlas receive information of
importance to one another, said information shall be promptly
communicated through private channels. Atlas will also consult with the
Orange Defense Network before making any major external decisions, such
as declaring war or signing a treaty.

Article VI - Cancellation

This treaty may be canceled at the discretion of either signatory. The
canceling party shall be required to give the other alliance 48 hours
prior notice. During this 48 hour period, all clauses of this treaty
shall remain intact. If Atlas commits a grave violation of the spirit of
this treaty, the Orange Defense Network reserves the right to terminate
the protectorate immediately.



For Atlas:

The Senate of Atlas


For The Orange Defense Network:
Secretary General: OsRavan
Secretary of the Interior: Bucovina
Secretary of Economics: Overlord Shinnra
Secretary of Defense: Zaxon
Secretary of State: Eze

Senate LV:
Lord Bagel, Walling, Nikolay, Proximus, Tragic One

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Sorry, ODN, can't agree with you here.

Also, the image header is amazing.



Please post more of your wisdom, its so enlightening...



good job getting a great protector guys... tis a good sign of things to come.


Also, hope you use this flag, or something similar, its  awesome.

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