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  1. Freelancer is the real winner here.
  2. Saw this thread and thought Hime is still intact.
  3. ITT: Kaskus struggles with reading comprehension.
  4. Or it could just be that there's not much more to contribute to this thread, which is already clogged up with your shitposting.
  5. You just took the same shit and said it differently. I haven't seen any OC from Kaskus in a while. I don't see what part of this is hard to understand. We don't have nations to fight SRA's top two.
  6. ITP: Unwarranted self-importance We went to war, because we were bored. Plain and simple. We chose Kaskus because it's a shit alliance.
  7. Is this the only line Kaskus ever plays in every war? Try to create some original content instead of rehashing your shitty micro propaganda.
  8. I can't tell if you're fucking with me or if you're actually retarded.
  9. Our upper tier (where most of your NS is concentrated) is preoccupied with TOP, but don't let logic get in the way of your propaganda.
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