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Announcement from the New Sakura Order

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[font="Century Gothic"][b][size="6"]Declaration of Gangnam Style[/size][/b][/font]

It comes with great pride to say we have finally accomplished something we've been setting out to do since the beginning. Beyond that, we're also close to (and we might as well just do this now) [b]two years[/b] of existence. We've outlasted our friends and rivals in: the SOS Brigade, Nice Boat Alliance, and others. Somehow, some way, we've stood strong. This is a testament to the great work put in by current gov and past gov as well. I'd have awards to give out, but [b]Katsumi[/b], you'll find yourself receiving one gift-wrapped in a private message in time! If it wasn't for her directing and leading the alliance in the beginning we couldn't be where we are now. We've got some more in surprise for you, CyberVerse, in about a month or so. The clock is ticking, and you'll find that Pacifica isn't the only 'Order' with something up it's sleeve. So, without further ado:

After two years (almost) of waiting, mixed growth and people of various calibers leaving, joining, coming back again, quitting, and returning...


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